Flume’s Festival Spectacle Comes to Fruition

Life Is Beautiful Festival, Sept. 25

Flume at Life Is Beautiful 2016Demian Becerra

Sometimes the show is just too big for a room. It’s been two years since we’ve gotten a “proper” Flume performance. The Australian electronic wunderkind rocked Brooklyn Bowl in 2014, and since then, has left Las Vegas out of his tour schedule with the exception of the Electric Daisy Carnival last year, but for good reason: Flume’s performances are grandeur spectacles that harmoniously fuse lights and stage props with his downtempo, hip-hop-inspired electronica. The massive productions beg to be displayed on a festival stage.

The burning questions: Armed with an all-new live setup and album’s worth of new material, could he deliver a set that’ll satisfy both the live music and EDM crowds in a festival setting? He did, effortlessly. With an arsenal of drum machines, synthesizers, and other colorful contraptions surrounding him, Flume appeared as a hip version of Han Solo (or Captain Krik) as he took us on a galactic, discography-spanning journey. It was part-live performance, part-DJ set: He smashed through the tom rolls and eardrum-shattering bells during the one-two punch of “Holdin’ On” and “Sleepless” before launching into a collection of his own remixes including RL Grime’s rambunctious “Core.” And his production complimented the huge tunes. A geometric arrangement of light bars flickered on and off in time with drops in “Helix,” and a giant LED projected the images of flowers and lovers during the crowd-pleasing closer, “You & Me.”

Flume is known for his collaborative work with artists such as Vince Staples and Lorde, and while he didn’t bring any guests along, he did just fine without them. After all, who needs a cameo when there are thousands singing along to the remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court?” ★★★★✩


Holdin’ On
On Top
Los It
Wall Fuck
Tennis Court (Flume’s Lorde Remix)
Never Be Like You
Take A Chance
Smoke & Retribution
Slasherr (Flume’s Rusite Edit)
Core (Flume’s RL Grime Edit)
Hyper Paradise (Flume’s Hermitude Remix)
Say It
You & Me