Jane's Addiction

Jane’s Addiction Is Still Shocking

Any fan of ’90s rock band Jane’s Addiction’s early work would be more than pleased with their set at Life Is Beautiful Saturday night, which consisted mainly of tracks off their ’88 album Nothing’s Shocking and their 1990 release Ritual de lo habitual. The band didn’t waste any time building energy, as the expected fedora-wearing Dave Navarro and gold-embellished three-piece-suit-wearing Perry Farrell came out fully committed to rocking people’s faces with “Stop,” with an excessive amount of strobe and their signature sexy backup dancers right out the gate. Navarro quickly lost his tank top. Halfway through the set, Farrell tested his scatting skills with a few ba ba ba ba boos during “Been Caught Stealing” before slowing it down with “Three Days.”

The show ended with aggressively flailing, half-dressed women suspended from hooks in their backs during “Ted, Just Admit It” as Farrell sang “nothing’s shocking,” then repeatedly, “sex is violent.” It’s safe to say that people in the audience were, indeed, shocked—even almost 30 years after the song’s release. Unfortunately, Farrell’s animated stage presence and the theatrics did not translate to those farther back, without any large screen to capture it for them. The Jane’s Addiction’s show is one that is best enjoyed in the midst of it, but really, aren’t they all? Even without the full production that Jane’s Addiction typically tours with, the band proves they’re still fucking rockstars. Bonus points for Perry’s suit.