Overheard at Life Is Beautiful 2016

From Trump-bashing, inspirational tidbits and straight up TMI, Life Is Beautiful brought out the best and the worst from people. Here’s what we picked up over the weekend—compliments, commentary and complaints.


“I can’t tell the difference between a Lumineer and a Mumford.” Anonymous Indian dude

“Die Antwoord? Are those the guys with the dicks?” A woman entering festival gates

“I’m ready to give y’all 200 percent. And you know I’m from Atlanta, so I gotta turn y’all up. This one’s called ‘Tears in the Trap,’ because ain’t nothin’ good comin’ from there.” Raury

“Understand that the music you saw today, that you heard today, is 100 percent for the people.” Raury

“You feel it yet?”
“No, not yet. Think we got jipped?”
“I hope not. I dropped a bunch on this acid” A conversation overheard minutes before The Heavy rocked the Ambassador Stage

Maaan, shut the fuck up!” Kaytranada, in response to an extended soundclip of Desiigner’s gunshot adlibs

“Normally, I’d have something funny to say when these types of things come up, but I don’t. Instead, you can just look and laugh at Russell.” Kele Okereke of Bloc Party as the band faced technical difficulties before their set

Woman: “The grass is kinda wet.”
Man: “Sorry, I couldn’t hold it anymore.” At the grassy area in VIP

“Dude, that reminds me of the time I took a giant shit in Central Park.” Guy walking away from watching Cirque Du Soleil performers

“Damn, the bass player got fat, yo!” Man watching Mumford & Sons

“Yes, what a magnificent cunt.” Girl walking by the art installations by the motel

“You’re very beautiful. There are a million other things I could say, but that’s all I have the courage to say to your face.” Man to woman during Mumford & Sons

She’s 44, you’re 18. That means when she’s 88 you’re going to be 36.” –Young man to another young man en route from the Beat to the main entrance

“I’m a bad motherfucker.” –Kelvin Swaby, lead singer of The Heavy, on the Ambassador Stage

“Unless you want to do it in a petri dish” –Tegan (or Sara; I mean, who can tell, really?) to the guy in the audience who suggested they make beautiful babies together

“We’re all gonna be such great friends after this!” Totem-holding girl at City and Colour to her obviously new bestie

“That’s Anna’s underwear, guys.” Tegan of Tegan and Sara after speaking with a fan from the front row, who’d unsuccessfully tried to throw her underwear on to the Downtown Stage.


“Laughter is the most powerful spell you can cast.” RuPaul at the Troubadour stage reiterating the advice one of his friend’s gave him on one of their “smoke breaks”

“This one goes out to the brown-skinned girls. It’s Called “Brown Skin Girl.” God bless y’all, because ooh, lord!” Leon Bridges

“All my single ladies. You could just come down to Fort Worth, Texas, hop in my Ford Fusion—yes I do rock a Ford Fusion—and we could just cruise.” Leon Bridges, again

“Fuck Donald Trump.” J. Cole in the middle of performing “Role Modelz”

“Now ya’ll knew I was just fuckin’ playin’.” J. Cole after he pretended to have closed out his set at Downtown Stage 30 minutes early

“6 whiskey sours, please.”
“Can you carry them all?”
“Yeah, but only because I’m downing three right here.” A guest ordering from the bar in the Artist Lounge

“DJ Hi-Tek is God, motherfucker! Don’t forget that!” –Ninja of Die Antwoord

You are god’s gift to this world” RuPaul, telling this generation the absolute last thing it needs to hear.

“Drink up, cunts.” Bro to his bros, in the craft beer village

“Could you help me get this backpack over my other backpack? Thank you. My friends are pussy asses.” Drunk woman, 6 p.m. in the craft beer village.

“Don’t shoot the cops—fuck their wives and get them pregnant … Kill them from the inside.” Comedian Byron Bowers during Crapshoot Comedy set

“You know what I just realized? Before Jordans were made, people played basketball in Chucks. You can’t do shit in Chucks. You can’t even go to Walmart in Chucks. –Two girls leaving the festival


“My name is bromosapien.” Guy at Huntridge Stage in between Warpaint and Chromeo’s sets

“Your one true face says, ‘Fuck yeah!’” –Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of Third Eye Blind

“Who the hell is Warpaint?” A woman … watching Warpaint perform at the Huntridge Stage

“Follow the fedoras!” A man en route to the Ambassador Stage to see The Lumineers

“I roasted him like a cashew” Strumbellas keyboardist Dave re: lead singer Simon’s challenge to do a ninja high kick higher than himself.

“Fuck yeah, rock bands! *clap-clap clap-clap-clap*” – Crowd at Band of Skulls 

“I really liked Kehlani; she’s like Rihanna but sassy.” –Attendee at the Downtown stage

“The VIP people are jaded. They get this shit for free.” –David Macklovitch of Chromeo about the dead crowd in the VIP section at Downtown Stage