The Lumineers play Life Is Beautiful's Ambassador Stage on September 25, 2016.

The Lumineers Close Life Is Beautiful’s Ambassador Stage With Massive Sing-Along

The Lumineers took the stage for their first Las Vegas show to the pre-recorded strains of Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” with frontman Wesley Schultz introducing the band to the crowd before they launched into their set opener “Sleep on the Floor.” That was followed by “Ophelia” and then “Flowers in Your Hair.” Schultz then implored the audience to take whatever photos and videos they wanted during the next song, but asked, “After that, can we all agree to be together?” It turned out to be a pretty fair deal, since that next song was crowd favorite “Ho Hey.”

Fans happily sang along during most of the band’s time on stage, despite the late show time on the last of Life Is Beautiful’s three days. And throughout the audience, people repeatedly broke out dancing in pairs, small groups and giant circles.

About a half hour into the set, the band members left the stage and walked through the crowd to a tiny platform near the sound board. There they performed two songs, including a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Schultz, however, delivered his vocals from the main stage wings, so he was able to return without interruption after the mini-set and perform on his own until the rest of the band joined him.

The main set, which ran around an hour and ten minutes, was followed by a three-song encore that began with Schultz performing a solo rendition of “Long Way from Home,” a song about his father’s death of cancer, which included an intro that hadn’t made the band’s 2016 Cleopatra album. The performance ended with “Stubborn Love,” with the crowd joyfully joining in on the refrain of “Head up, love” until the very end.