Life Is Beautiful 2016 ended with an energetic set from Major Lazer.

Major Lazer Caps Off Life Is Beautiful 2016 With Unbridled Energy

Major Lazer closed out Life Is Beautiful at the festival’s Downtown Stage Sunday night, offering a performance that clearly pleased the masses. The stage seemed quiet by the time their 11:40 p.m. set began, as festivalgoers began to tire, but after just a few opening songs the crowd began to mirror the energy of the performers on stage.

Four dancers and an array of lights, pyro, and cryo accompanied the group’s members, Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire. They each hopped around and climbed all over the tiered LED stage set-up as they took turns manning the DJ decks. Pentz (a.k.a. Diplo) even inserted himself into an inflatable human-sized hamster ball and ran out on top of the crowd, one of the artist’s signature moves.

Diplo took to the crowd via giant hamster ball during Major Lazer's 2016 set at Life Is Beautiful.

Diplo took to the crowd via giant hamster ball during Major Lazer’s 2016 set at Life Is Beautiful.

At one point, concertgoers were instructed to remove their shirts and throw them in the air—and they did. When Walsh told the throng to haphazardly throw their belongings into a sweaty abyss of fist-pumping bodies, they dutifully did as they were instructed. That’s the level of power these men have on the culture: Their fans are so loyal, they will actually give up the shirts off of their backs for them.

The highlight of the show was the dancers. On several occasions, the spotlight turned to four ladies whose impeccably choreographed gyrations and acrobatics captivated the crowd. By the end of the set, the music turned from rave-dancehall hybrid to calmer tracks to wind the crowd down. Familiar chords from their DJ Snake collaboration, “Lean On,” began to play as they announced, “This is the last song of Life is Beautiful 2016.”