Life Is Beautiful 2016 in Haikus

Here at Vegas Seven we like to experiment. So, when the idea to create haikus based off of our festival experiences at Life Is Beautiful came up, we jumped on it. Here are the best.

Brunch is more than food.
It’s vodka or tequila.
Front-loading is good.

Butts in Daisy Dukes
Underage flower-crown girls
Keep it in your pants.

Who took Mister Trump?
Smashed him into little bits
Tiny like his hands.

Fried ravioli
And Kamasi Washington
I am so happy.

Who are these people?
I don’t think they’re from Vegas
They look way too clean.

Banks and Steelz look sharp
Dressed up like the Rat Pack
More bands should wear suits.

“Sweet, sensitive souls.”
RuPaul beats Tony Robbins
I’m motivated.

Tammy Faye Baker
Appeared in RuPaul’s dream once
Mascara and peace.

The struggle is real
The suit lining is gorgeous
Don’t limit yourself.

Spicy shrimp satay
Doughnut ice cream sandwiches
I am very full.

Weather is perfect
Inky sky of tiny stars
Ferris wheel shining.

“You feel good tonight?”
Leon Bridges moves the soul
Zebra stripes and shades

You know what I like?
The street full of sparkly trees
Like the Peppermill.

Humans gather ‘round
sights, sounds freeing dusty mouths.
Play place battleground.