Life Is Beautiful 2016 Recap

Still basking in the afterglow of Life Is Beautiful? Find our complete coverage of the Downtown music and art festival—including more overheard quotes and a collection of haikus (yeah, we did that)—at

  Photography by Erik Kabik

R1_mpiEKP_09_23_16_lib_KABIK-52Erik Kabik | Vegas Seven

This weekend is a memory I’m gonna cherish for a lifetime. Best festival I’ve been to, yet. #LifeIsBeautifulFest —@teenyleenyy

“Laughter is the most powerful spell you can cast.”–RuPaul at the Troubadour stage

Music, Art, awesome food and lots of booze. Damn! Life IS beautiful—especially with this [sic] awesome crew. #LifeIsBeautifulFest —@joeconcepcionn

Already missing the people, music, and vibes from this weekend #LifeIsBeautifulFest —@lovelyfebruary

“We’re all gonna be such great friends after this!”–Totem-holding girl at City and Colour to her obviously new bestie

Thank you again to @zappos for giving away those tickets to me! It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever been to! #LifeIsBeautifulFest —@_DBOII97

Vegas was so much fun! Met awesome people and #LifeIsBeautifulFest was perfect! —@Marrero_Marissa

R1_mpiEKP_09_24_16_lib_KABIK-160Erik Kabik | Vegas Seven

@lifeisbeautiful what a weekend! Reminding us to create & celebrate this BEAUTIFUL LIFE! Shout out to @LVMPD also keepin errbody safe. —@s_wissy

I just want to take a moment to say everything at @lifeisbeautiful is art and I appreciate it all! Breathtaking. [sic] —@Trippyytrina

I wake up tomorrow and it’s day one again, right? That’s how it works? #LifeIsBeautifulFest —@Reyymundo

We haven’t played lots of shows this year but @lifeisbeautiful was one of the best. Thank you for getting funky with us. —@Chromeo

None of these hotel websites will let me book a hotel for next year’s [sic] #LifeIsBeautifulFest —@Lynoboeeleria

“You’re very beautiful. There are a million other things I could say, but that’s all I have the courage to say to your face.”–Man to woman during Mumford & Sons

On my way back to CO from Las Vegas NV … the 12 hr drive there and back was so worth it #LifeIsBeautifulFest #JCole #sogood —@_asiaa4