Talk of the Town: Fashion Icons


What I love about Vegas fashion [is] a throwback to the ’70s when “Ginger” would have been roaming the mean streets in a Cadillac, dressed in fur and the most beautiful jumpsuits, passing out hundreds like candy … all that glitters is gold. –Brooke Olimpieri, Filthy Mouth Creative

In mid-century Las Vegas, a stole was found in most every woman’s closet. Fashion-conscious folks respected the conviction that even casual dining was deserving of the genteel stole. A shoulderless garment, the stole necessitated an aptitude for maintaining it on the body and, with practice, could be animated to express coy elegance or daring moxie. Long live the stole … –Karan Feder, guest curator of Costume & Textiles, Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas

All around me the waitresses are bobbing on their high heels, bare legs and décolletage-bare backsides, set off by pelvis-length lingerie of an uncertain denomination. I stare, but I am new here. –Tom Wolfe, “Las Vegas (What?) Las Vegas (Can’t hear you! Too noisy) Las Vegas!!!”