Dillon Francis Takes an Indie Route to EDM

dillon_francis_2016_WEBYou know Dillon Francis for a surprising number of reasons—his appearances on a Taco Bell commercial and Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness show on MTV may ring a bell, not to mention Francis’ comedy sketches on Snapchat—but most likely, you know him for his music. The producer has his hand in a few different genres including the moombahton sound that brought him to prominence in L.A., his creative approach to trap and big-room that culminated in an album and his deep-house stylings that stemmed from DJ Hanzel, a character Dillon created as an answer to the scene’s elitist crowd. His comedic approach to all of the above, coupled with his all-important #IDGAFOS ethos is why you have so many opportunities to catch Francis behind the decks of Surrender, XS and Encore Beach Club.

Francis’ latest venture takes him into more indie territory with “Anywhere,” a new single featuring the vocals of U.K. singer Will Heard. The official lyric video effectively relays the song’s sincere and quirky message of feeling inseparable from a love interest, and superb production quality means this track sounds as good on your laptop as it does through the front-of-house speakers in the club.

Francis returns to Surrender on October 12 and 29, sure to bring every shade of his personality and sound with him.