Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara Puts on a Meaningful Display

The Foundry at SLS, Oct. 15

Young, dare we say millennial, artists aren’t always as self-aware as they think they are, but 20-year-old singer-songwriter Alessia Cara is an exception. In “Seventeen,” the Canadian artist sagely reflects on her own inexperience, singing I’m a know it all. I don’t know enough. And for a little over an hour, Alessia took that admittance and used it to inspire the young faces in the crowd.

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Before the uplifting “Scars to Your Beautiful,” she encouraged girls to reject the societal pressures put on them to look or act how girls are expected to. For “Outlaws,” she asked everyone to stop and take a loved one into their arms. These moments ran together nicely with the duets Alessia belted out with her two opening acts: rising star Ruth B and The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes during “Stars” and “Stone” respectively.

She made clever use of the time she had, even down to when she decided to cover Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good” with polished vocals and an electric guitar. And did we mention the epic Haim-style drum offs? She and her band fused together when they collectively hammered out the percussion to “Wild Things” and “Seventeen.” Considering Alessia is still in the freshman phase of her career, she didn’t have as much material to work with as a seasoned artist would. But quality far outweighed quantity here. ★★★★✩

Set list
I’m Yours
Four Pink Walls
Wild Things
Swim Good (Frank Ocean cover)
Wild (Feat. Troye Sivan)
River of Tears
Scars to Your Beautiful

My Song