TruFusion Expands to Downtown Summerlin

Here's seven things you didn't know about the fitness franchise's third studio in Vegas.

It’s larger than it looks on the outside.“In terms of the space itself, I feel confident that this is probably one of the most thought-out and planned fitness studios,” says Summerlin’s co-owner and general manager David Craig. The Summerlin location clocks in at 13,000 square feet, which is a 3,000-square-foot upgrade from the Eastern Avenue location. It houses five group fitness studios—two heated and three unheated-—and one private studio. The largest room, used for hot Pilates, has a capacity of up to 70 people; the heated yoga room accommodates 60 people and indoor cycling holds 15 bikes. Solo sessions in the private studio are also available, and will be especially useful for soon-to-be-moms once TruFusion Summerlin introduces its prenatal classes.

Krystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

They did their homework to make the right improvements. “We really researched … the industry in every [way] that we possibly could,” Craig says. “We learned from the negative reviews of other companies and even … TruFusion Eastern, which actually is very highly rated, but you’ve gotta listen to what people say.” This receptiveness is the reason you’ll find more seating, a wider open concept and additional storage to stash your workout gear.

TruFusion keeps its space natural. “This floor is Cali bamboo, driftwood cork, ” Craig says of the heated yoga room. “We really wanted to keep as much of a natural feel as possible.” Seating units and tables are made out of butcher-block wood, which can handle the wear and tear of everyday use. The walls in the heated rooms, Craig says, are treated with a waterproof barrier commonly used in grow houses and ponds. It guards against humidity that causes wall damage, but doesn’t release any potentially harmful substances because the barrier is an all-natural rubber. 

Ladies receive plenty of love. To say TruFusion Summerlin is for the ladies is an understatement. Based on the other TruFusion locations, Craig says women are “75 to 80 percent of my total clientele,” and the team’s doing everything it can to build on that. In the women’s locker room, you’ll find a makeup corner, a wealth of mirrors backlit with LEDs and plenty of Instagram-friendly lighting. It’s a place where a woman can get ready, not just showered off, he says. 

There’s a science to every room. In the heated yoga room, you’re bound to breathe deeply and release long sighs. But it’s not always because you’re doing the pose right— it’s the color of the walls. Craig explains certain rooms “were designed to evoke certain moods.” In a heated room, you’re going to get a cooling effect from the pastel purple paint that counteracts the muggy atmosphere. In unheated rooms, a warm brick-red color gives you a toasty, snug feeling. And in the private studio, a blue and green palette symbolizes self-growth, Craig says.

Krystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

The location is tailor-made to the neighborhood.Craig acknowledges that the Summerlin location needed to align with the Summerlin crowd’s high-end taste. This leads us to the amenity room, which will soon offer everything from massages and acupuncture to IV therapy and facials. “We didn’t cut any corners,” he says.

Management is just as enthused about the TruTribe. When we think of management, we think of guys in monkey suits, not guys like Craig in his button-down shirt and sunglasses talking about the Sanskrit significance of the 108 yoga blocks on the studio’s main lobby wall. Yoga repaired much of what was fractured in Craig. A life of sports left him with a broken clavicle and collarbone, and a screwed-up spine, but taking up yoga around seven years ago changed his life. He’s practiced regularly since. It’s this notion of a TruTribe—the band of practitioners within TruFusion—that motivates him to grow the fitness community. “That’s sort of the great aspiration,” he says. “We want to make it home.”