Travis Cloer, second from right, with the cast of Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys Star Travis Cloer Talks His With A Twist Show at South Point

While beloved Broadway musical Jersey Boys closed at Paris last month, some of the faces who played the Four Seasons are sticking around to perform in productions throughout the Valley. One of those performers is Travis Cloer, who had the pleasure of playing Franki Valli in front of Franki Valli at the show’s finale. Cloer is back in action at the South Point this Saturday with his solo show With a TwistVegas Seven sat down with the artist to discuss what’s in store at his new gig.

You’re back at the South Point’s Grandview Lounge, after performing there in July. What can audiences look forward to at this installment?

It’s almost the same as what I did [the] last time I was there, [but] we’re going to tweak it a little bit. It’s just a fun show. We’ve got some oldies and we’ve got some new songs, [which] we’ve rearranged with [a] more vintage vibe and feel. It [also has] some classic music with our own arrangements [on] them.

Who are you working with on this show?

I’m working mainly with Christopher Lash, who is the music director over at Baz: Star Crossed Love. He and I have known each other for a long time. We met when [my wife and I] first moved to Las Vegas, I think I met him at [The] Composer’s Showcase one night. … When we first got word that Jersey Boys was closing, the wheels started turning in my head of what to do and what can we keep going with. [My wife and I] liked Las Vegas, so we decided to stay in Vegas and give it a shot for a while.

Chris was the first person I thought about with collaborating with, because I know his talent—his skill, creativity and musicianship. I thought it would be a great fit and I’m really glad that I was right.

How did you end up at the Grandview Lounge?

We had been talking to South Point for a while, about working out there, and it didn’t work out for one reason or another. Then Michael Libonati, the entertainment director out there, kind of rebranded that lounge and came up with an idea of putting together a little entertainment family of different acts that can rotate and keep the place hopping. He thought of me and gave me a call, and we’ve been going with it ever since.

We did one show back in July and then I took some time off. I wanted to focus on the closing of Jersey Boys and make sure that was as strong as it could be, but now that the show is closed we’re back at it and ready to have some fun.

The entertainment family you speak of includes Chris Phillips of Zowie Bowie, Vanessa LeGrand and Chadwick Johnson. You’re all performing separate shows at the space. Can we expect some crossover at some point?

Yeah. … [Libonati] wants to bring different guests up through different artist’s sets, so they can cross promote and just keep the flow going. It’s a pretty cool thing.

Just to close, why should Las Vegans attend this Saturday?

I think I’ve given people a lot of fun and excitement through Jersey Boys over the years, and I’ve definitely appreciated their support. This is just me stepping out on my own, growing as an artist, growing with the community and giving them more fun, excitement, music, [and] enjoyment—more of me, in a way that they were not able to see me in Jersey Boys.

Travis Cloer With A Twist Oct. 22, doors at 9 p.m., $20, South Point’s Grandview Lounge,