Tracy Morgan To Serve Up Laughs at Primm’s Star of the Desert Arena

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It seems Tracy Morgan has again hit his stride. After a tragic, six-vehicle crash landed the beloved comedian in the hospital in June 2014, Morgan underwent months of physical rehabilitation and somewhat disappeared from the public eye. But around a year after the tragedy, Morgan reemerged with appearances on NBC’s Today, the 2015 Emmy awards (where the two-time nominee received a well-deserved standing ovation), and Saturday Night Live, where he reprised his iconic—and hilarious—Brian Fellow character.

And Morgan has continued to thrive since. He’s been touring the country, leaving audiences across the U.S. in stitches with his knee-slapping brand of comedy, often commenting on African American culture, his life and current events—he’s probably the only comedian out there who managed to pull off a relatively tasteful, yet still hilarious, Caitlin Jenner line. Morgan also is slated to portray influential comedian Redd Foxx in Lee Daniels’ upcoming biopic on the life of comedy legend Richard Pryor, something he says he’s nervous for—but if the past two years have shown the world anything, it’s that Morgan is ready to tackle anything thrown at him.

And that’s exactly why Las Vegans should consider making the trek out to Primm, where Morgan is performing at Buffalo Bill’s Star of the Desert Arena on October 22. Morgan took a quick phone call with Vegas Seven ahead of the gig, sharing his POV on a handful of topics.

On liking Vegas …

Why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I not like Vegas? … I love Vegas, man.

On political correctness in comedy …

I’m not into PC. I tell the truth. … [Political correctness] is killing comedy.

On Eddie Murphy’s recent impersonation of him on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It’s Eddie Murphy, man. … I love Eddie. … Him doing an impersonation of me on Jimmy Kimmel [Live!] was an honor.

On what he likes to do in Vegas …

I do my show and then I go home. … I do the show and then I go to sleep.
Tracy Morgan Oct. 22, 8 p.m., $20-$55,