Tivoli Village Rolls Out Long-Awaited Phase 2

Tivoli Village

Tivoli Village

The Phase 2 expansion of Tivoli Village has stretched over nearly three years now. But on Oct. 28, we can happily tell you that the wait is over. 

“This day, 8 years ago, many people could not have envisioned. Tivoli Village is a story about fortitude, never quitting, investing hundreds of millions into the community to build a unique shopping, entertainment and office destination,” said Noam Ziv, CEO of IDB Group USA, the company that developed Tivoli Village, during a ribbon cutting ceremony. “Now we can begin to see the complete vision.”

The vision Ziv speaks of is a sprawling 300,000 square feet for new retail, restaurants and office spaces to come. Restoration Hardware, the beloved home-furnishings company that resembles Ikea’s hot older brother, opened its doors at Tivoli on the same day.

“There won’t be [any] other gallery built like this one. This was specifically built for Las Vegas,” said Dave Stanchak, chief real estate and development officer for RH.

Tivoli Village’s general manager Curt Fickeisen says LA’s Canter’s Deli will also begin construction soon. There’s enough space for around 40 retailers, he tells us, but some tenants may take up more or less space. Not much has been said about who the additional retailers will be, but Fickeisen assures Tivoli is in “discussions and lease negotiations for quite a few right up to the first of the year.”

The space around the Phase 2 area also got a face lift. Tivoli Village introduced a new main entrance from Rampart Boulevard, a cozy main plaza and an additional 1,000 underground parking spaces.

IDB Group USA made good on its word, and for that, we can respect the long wait time. Fickeisen even says a Phase 3 will happen in the coming years, north of where RH stands now. It’s a ways off, but judging by what we’ve seen already, Tivoli Village doesn’t quit.