Meet Tao Group’s Most Social Executive

Photo by Carlos LariosCarlos Lairos

Photo by Carlos Larios

Digital marketing manager David Dyer oversees all the digital and social media content for nightlife destinations including Tao Nightclub and Restaurant, Marquee Nightclub and Lavo Italian Restaurant & Casino Club. After spending more than half of his six years in Las Vegas working for Tao Group, he’s learned the ins and outs of navigating the industry—both URL and IRL.

Let the Good Times Scroll

Digital and social media have become increasingly vital to nightclubs, and a venue’s online presence (or lack thereof) has the potential to make or break ticket sales. “On one hand, we’re putting out content that reminds [patrons] of the good times we had in our venue,” Dyer says. “On another, we’re giving a sneak peek to the first-time guest of how much fun they’re in for before they even arrive.”

On Community Building

“The key is knowing your audience and being flexible. If you’re delivering content that everyone else is putting up, you’re not giving your audience much of a reason to follow you. Once you figure out how to deliver rich content that is exclusive to each channel, you can start treating each [venue account] like its own community.”

Star-Studded Socials

And how does Dyer feel about this glamorous business from behind the scenes? “I’m from Raytown, Missouri, so the only celebrity I’d ever encountered before moving to Vegas was a band member from Train at a barbecue joint. It was pretty eye-opening [when I started] working at Tao Group with some of the biggest singers, rappers, DJs and athletes in the world on a weekly basis.” Dyer often integrates the scheduled talent into his campaigns and considers himself lucky to work on projects that allow him to think outside the box, as Tao Group’s guest artists “not only promote upcoming parties but [also] engage with the fans.”

On Buying Followers and Likes

“I definitely would avoid any type of service that offers likes, comments or followers. It [artificially] makes your account look better than it is. In nightlife, that’s the equivalent of putting cardboard-cutout people on the dance floor. It just looks dumb.”