Group shot, from left: Dustin Drai, Brian Affronti, Tal Cooperman, Ryan Rearden. Photo by Krystal Ramirez

How to Be Bitchin’ Like Steel Panther

The glam-rock band will shred at Drai’s Nightclub—with bulges and guyliner.

Lexxie Foxxx

Lexxi Foxxx

Lexxi Foxxx is as pretty as he is terrible at playing bass. The gorgeous, inferior musician is part of the ’80s hair metal band Steel Panther with guitarist Satchel, singer Michael Starr and drummer Stix Zadinia. While they’re killing the ozone layer with profuse amounts of Aqua Net, they’re keeping heavy metal alive and well with their exaggerated personas and comedic performances. But can they convert the EDM, hip-hop-loving Strip crowd when they invade Drai’s Nightclub on November 17 and January 19? Foxxx says as long as they play OK and still look bitchin’ (he’s getting Botox before the show), they can win over anybody. Hey, it’s worked for them so far, right?

Vegas Seven caught up with the musician ahead of his band’s megaclub debut to find out what makes a Steel Panther, so we could transform the exec team at Drai’s into glammed-out rock stars. The rockers’ upcoming album, an affinity for throwing TVs out hotel-room windows and autographing certain female body parts definitely slipped into the conversation …

What’s a day in the life of a Steel Panther like? 

Well, it depends. Today, I have to go to the doctor. I have to [pick up] some pills for herpes, make sure that I’m cleared up. Then I’m going to the tanning booth, and then my mom’s having dinner, so I might have people over for dinner. I don’t consume much. If I do, then I just throw it up afterward. It’s important to stay skinny, so I’ll do that. Even though she’s a great cook, I don’t keep [her cooking] in my body that long.

I was wondering how you kept such a nice figure. Thanks for the tip. 

Yes, exactly. That and cocaine. You can go to the doctor and get certain things to curb your appetite, or you can just do blow and feel bitchin’.

drais_steel_panther_makeover_by_krystal_ramirez_41_WEBKrystal Ramirez

How do you stay looking bitchin’ while performing for hours? 

I have a fan in front of me. I don’t want my makeup to run. That’s why I put my hair up, so I can keep it out of my face. I have a table next to me and [it has] a mirror, a makeup bag and hairspray [on it]. If something does happen, I can go over there and just reapply. … I mean, it’s important. It’s even more important than playing the bass. I have to make sure that I do my job. My band depends on that.

Do you ever have the problem of your hair getting stuck in your lip gloss while you’re onstage? 

That has happened before. It’s awful. I don’t even care if I miss a note while I’m playing. I just literally stop playing and get it out of my mouth because I can’t have that.

Is it difficult to autograph boobs with all those Xs in your name? 

You know what? It is, but I’ve done it so much [that] now it’s actually pretty easy. I’m fortunate that it’s just two lines. I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

You’re on tour, and the band spends so much time together. Is there any drama going on or are you guys getting along?

To be around each other as much as we are, we do get along really well. Communication is good, [and] making sure that nobody’s fucking somebody else’s chick or anything like that. … We’re like brothers … as long as we’re all buzzed and on prescription pills. That keeps us in a good mood. We’re pretty solid that way.

Who writes the songs?

Satchel tells us what to do and we do it.

Oh, you don’t ever have any input?

Pretty much, Satchel writes everything. When we try to change them, he just says no. … I just care about how I look, so I don’t really give a shit about what I play and what I don’t play.

Now that TVs are all flat-screen, is it still satisfying to throw them out of hotel windows? 

They’re a lot lighter than they were in the ’80s, that’s for sure, but they’re hard to get off the walls. Before we used to just take them off the dresser. Now, in certain hotel rooms, they’re [mounted] on the walls, so we can’t really pry them off. They’re not that fun, it doesn’t make that impact when it hits the ground. It doesn’t make a big noise like a bitchin’ old-school TV did.

We are transforming the Drai’s Nightclub team into Steel Panthers like yourselves. What advice do you have for them?

Have a bitchin’ bandanna. Make sure you shave for the guys, and the girls for that matter. I guess for dudes, dress like a girl—not dress [exactly] like a girl, [but] makeup and hair are very important. Tight spandex. Bitchin’ biker boots or something like that. A cowboy boot or wrestling shoes. Something bitchin’-looking. Bandannas.

The Details

Assuming the spirit of a Panther, Drai’s creative director Tal Cooperman, managing partner Brian Affronti, director of VIP services Ryan Rearden and talent coordinator Dustin Drai submitted to the ultimate transformation into a glam-rock band. Wigs, makeup and skintight leggings were only half the treatment—a Panther’s true grit comes from within. “I felt alive,” Cooperman says. “I felt untouchable and like a true rock star. I just wanted to drink and party all day and all night. Best part was getting to dress up. Layers on layers on layers of clothes you wouldn’t catch us usually wearing.”

Makeup and hair by Whit Bansin and Natasha Chamberlin, One Luv Agency. Styling by Kris Kass. Clothing courtesy of Buffalo Exchange, 1209 S. Main St.,; and Exile Boutique, 1235 S. Main St.,