MOVE, a Nomadic Industry Night, Lands at Firefly

As fun as it may be to bathe in the lights and delights of the Strip’s many megaclubs, MOVE promises a more intimate experience, one that’s not meant to mimic the energy of extravagant Strip nightclubs or even the city’s after-hours techno scene. Rather, the almost-monthly event evokes a lounge-y atmosphere that is complemented by mesmerizing beats, ornate decor and the vibe of a family gathering. And true to its name, the industry night moves back and forth between Tacos & Beer and Firefly. The latter will host MOVE’s next soirée on November 16 (9 p.m., no cover).

Tacos & Beer general manager and event coordinator Manuel Garza pours a significant amount of care into bringing the event to life. “I like to call it a social experiment; it’s always a good turnout,” he says. The main focus of MOVE is to give locals a place to gather and form worthwhile relationships. Garza cites his passion for hosting people as the reason he pushes these parties forward. Although Las Vegas is where it started, MOVE has also found a home in Chicago and will soon host a Las Vegas takeover in San Diego.

The next party will be special as it celebrates the birthday of music director Chris Garcia. As the one responsible for booking MOVE’s guest talent such as DJ Dee Montero from Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, Garcia’s hard work deserves to be rewarded. Garza cites the importance of the deep-house sound that makes the event flow so well: “For these nights, we stick to deep house for more of a lounge feel.” While dance music has the capacity to demand your full attention, the musical vibe at MOVE is meant to support a spike in energy without drowning out the conversations that will hopefully take place.

As MOVE’s latest promo video details, the event stays fresh with changing themes; September’s white party saw Firefly packed with guests, and featured dancers, ornate lighting and decorations, as well as a prop-filled photo booth. Garza has plenty more ideas for upcoming events, citing Bad Santa or superheroes as possible themes.

Even without any dressing up, Garza already knows the allure of what he’s put together: “People I know will come before they go out for the night and end up just staying the whole night here instead.” 


3824 Paradise Rd.,, Instagram: @fireflytapas