The Bloke Next Door

Dylan Yeandle in Thunder From Down UnderDenise Truscello

Each night, Dylan Yeandle walks into work and strips down to his skivvies, but no one calls HR. Four years of dancing for Thunder From Down Under, and no one has complained.

Got Talent?

Before Yeandle claimed his spot in Thunder, people referred to him as the Plumber From Down Under. In 2012, he appeared on Australia’s Got Talent and two-stepped his way into the judges’ hearts. His moves took him to the show’s finale, where he finished in seventh place. Soon after, Thunder in Las Vegas came a-callin’.

“Driving down the Strip in the taxi coming from the airport, I was like a kid in the candy store,” he says. “I just loved all the glitz and the glamour. There was something in the air.”

Defying Expectations

Contrary to popular belief, you can like the people you work with. Yeandle spends the majority of his off days with the blokes of Thunder, hitting the gym, hiking in Death Valley and playing at TopGolf. Some may presume the dancers lead a Magic Mike life full of decadence and pantsless after-parties, but Yeandle begs to differ: The guys you see onstage aren’t the stereotypes you see on screen.

“All the guys are really down-to-earth, just boys-next-door Australian blokes. There are no egos, ” he says. “We make the show more about the girls rather than about us.”

A Fandom Like No Other

Speaking of the girls, there’s some who take Thunder watching very seriously. Yeandle says he sees some of the same women in the audience every night because they tail the entire tour. It’s even better when disabled folks drop in for an evening, and give the dancer a chance to put a smile on their face. By the end of the night, “you know you’ve changed their week, their month or even their year,” he says.

Preparing for Thunder

Want to catch some Thunder? There are three things you might want to consider. First off, expect a possible wardrobe malfunction. They happen, but to Yeandle, “that just means the clothes are coming off a little quicker.” Second, plan to stay afterward. Meeting fans after the show is one of his favorite things to do. And finally, bring your best pickup line: Yeandle is single, after all.