Exploring What Makes Light Nightclub Shine

Taveya MonteroZach Mckee

Taveya Montero

Your Host: Taveya Montero

Montero has had her finger on the pulse of Light Nightclub in Mandalay Bay (thelightvegas.com) since the venue opened three and a half years ago. After working her way up through the ranks from bar manager, she’s now the venue’s general manager, so she gets to witness the action firsthand each night. The Las Vegas nightlife veteran (who’s been working in the industry for 12 years!) has some solid tips for visits to the club she knows so well.

Save the Date

November 19: Grammy-winning DJ and producer Zaytoven Beatz is among the few hip-hop musicians now manning the decks on Las Vegas stages that were once only reserved for EDM-heavy performances. He’s known for his work with greats such as Usher, Future, Gucci Mane, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert and more.

December 2-3: Light will host the Tropic Beauty Weekend, which brings in models, pageant girls and influencers from all over the country to party.

December 31: Hip-hop star Ludacris will start the New Year off right. “He’s the ultimate performer,” Montero says. “He goes on for 45 minutes to an hour on his own just because he loves performing—and you can tell.”

JoeJanet_LIGHT_5.28.16-6091Joe Janet

On Deck

EDM is still a draw, but Light also welcomes all kinds of performers to please a wide range of partygoers and music lovers. “I’m a huge Laidback Luke fan,” Montero says, “but we do a lot of open format [parties]. We’ll do anything from house to hip-hop.” Non-EDM DJs include big names such as Metro Boomin alongside local favorites DJ E-Rock and DJ Five.

What’s Poppin’?

The Crop Tops & High Tops party series is one of the unique experiences you can find at Light. “It’s a lot of fun because who wants to get dressed up at a nightclub every single night? You get to come in your coolest tennis shoes or high tops, drink beer out of forties in paper bags and just have a good time!” Montero says.

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VIP bottle presentations are some of the coolest spectacles to witness at megaclubs like Light. Naturally, Montero has a favorite presentation: “We have girls dress up in firemen outfits and we have a fire truck that they come out in. It’s a lot of fun.” Montero says the marketing team generally comes up with the themes, but they’re also down to collaborate. “We’re really big on getting input from our employees, so a lot of times, [the cocktail servers] come up with cool ideas that they want to do, and we try to make those happen. We’re really open to ideas from anybody on the team.”