Photo by Zack Mckee

Champagne Vending Machine Grants Bubbly on the Go

It was Noël Coward who once posed the question, “Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?” Had the late English playwright been alive today, we can only imagine his delight if he were to arrive at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas’ 23rd-floor Sky Lobby to find the city’s only Champagne vending machine. The recently installed effervescent-wine dispenser proffers the same 187-milliliter splits of Moët &

moet_2_zach_mckee_WEBZack Mckee

Chandon Imperial Champagne that were served at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. (The only other such machine currently lives in the Moët-Hennessy’s Manhattan offices.) Simply proceed to the registration desk, purchase a $20 golden coin to drop into the machine and push the buttons to select either a brut or rosé mini. Naturally, a Champagne flute bottle topper is included, so you can drink your bubbly on the go. Chop chop—you have places to be. 

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, Instagram: @mo_lasvegas