Born and Raised.

Native Replay: Las Vegas Sports Bars

Or, more accurately, bars where I watch sports that aren’t football. A recent “Ask a Native” query about where to escape the football crowds spawned other discussions, including, “You don’t watch football?” “Why do you live in America?” and the far more interesting, “OK, weirdo. What sports do you watch, and where?” As mentioned in the original column, I’m a fan of (certain) sports, not so much of having nearly every bar morph into a rowdy sports pub during what seems a forever-extended football season.

As for the sports I screen regularly, there’s a concise list of places I catch them. For UNLV basketball, the obvious choice is the Rebel fanatic-owned Born and Raised. But if their locations are a little too southerly for you, I’ve found the next best thing to be the PKWY Tavern. PKWY’s Tivoli location even scored one of the Rebellion student section’s giant player marionettes, which hangs on the wall to gently remind you: This is Rebel country.

If it’s soccer you want, the only place you need to visit is one of two locations of the Crown & Anchor British Pub, or its DTLV sister, Downtown Crown Pub. All are open and serve grub 24 hours a day, and with multiple screens and so many matches on the pitch far from our time zone, it isn’t unusual to find fans of particular clubs scarfing breakfast and beer at 4 a.m., especially during World Cup sessions.

Similarly, for Formula 1 racing, the city’s longtime fave Siena Italian Trattoria and Deli (which moved to the westside many years ago) is the only name you need to know. Grab a seat and a sandwich in the deli for camaraderie, commiseration and complaining (often in Italian), or at the vast bar if you prefer another sport.

My other sport, pro tennis, is a little harder to uncover, but the major tourneys are usually on at Downtown Crown. If not, I can ask the barkeep to tune in at least one screen, something not true at many places. For other non-football sports, Brooksy’s is the place for ice hockey fans, and Sporting Life Bar is an NBA-focused bar with a hell of a food menu.

See? I’m not anti-sports. I’m anti-sports fans ruining my dinner. Unless the Rebels are on, of course. Then have at it.

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