Zedd Doubles Down on Vegas

The Grammy-winning DJ talks his upcoming Hakkasan Group residency.



Three years after his first residency on the Las Vegas Strip, DJ and producer Zedd is bringing his Grammy-winning beats to Omnia, Jewel, Hakkasan and Wet Republic in 2017.

The transition to global hospitality firm Hakkasan Group came after Zedd noticed the high quality of production at its nightclubs. “As an artist, I like to create a show that is more than just the music, [one that] also takes care of all the visual aspects,” Zedd says. He cites the lights, graphics and special effects as the paramount elements of his performances. “When I saw the potential for my show [at Hakkasan Group’s venues], I was excited to create something that would give people a night [that was] different than any other night they [can] experience in Vegas.”

The Russian phenomenon’s affinity for a multisensory event was noticeably prominent on his 2015-16 True Colors tour, in which the visuals took more preparation than his past shows. He plans to incorporate features of that tour’s graphic spectacle in his Hakkasan Group residency, with the hope of re-creating the experience fans received but still offering something distinct for devoted enthusiasts. “We’ll have to spend some time [on] special looks to make it different and not just repeat the same thing we did on tour,” Zedd says.

“There really are countless possibilities for us to create something unique [that] people will want to see over and over again.” – Zedd

Zedd looks forward to the challenge that creating shows for multiple clubs brings. “The first time I play in these venues I’ll have to get the vibe, see how people react to certain things and adjust,” he says. “I’m excited to create productions that represent me, and yet differ from [location] to [location].”


And in preparation for his upcoming shows here in Las Vegas, Zedd definitely did his homework. He sought out DJs who have held residencies at Hakkasan Group venues to discuss club layouts, and often visited Omnia and Jewel to observe and take notes. “They’re all extremely different in the way they’re built. Options that I have at Omnia I won’t have at Jewel, and options at Jewel I won’t have at Hakkasan,” Zedd says. Those differences allow him to tailor his productions, with separate looks and edits for each venue in order to generate distinctive experiences. “There really are countless possibilities for us to create something unique [that] people will want to see over and over again,” Zedd says.

He also took into account the changing landscape of Las Vegas’ nightlife scene, and how clubs have altered their venues to meet the production levels that artists require and fans want. “Over the last six years I’ve seen a change. [Initially], people didn’t focus on the DJ, and clubs didn’t have crazy production. Now, a good portion of people go to these venues because they have crazy [presentation] you can’t see anywhere else in the world,” the DJ says. He embraces the changing atmosphere, but takes precaution against letting it influence who he is as an artist. “I’m trying not to go too far from where I like to be. I think, ultimately, that’s why fans [want] to see me live—to watch my show and see who I really am,” Zedd says.

The artist’s shows at Hakkasan venues begin January 7 at Omnia in Caesars Palace, and he hopes to leave fans with something worth remembering. “My goal is always to create something different that makes people want to tell their friends [about it],” he says. “I want people to go home thinking it’s the best night they’ve ever had, because that’s really what it’s all about.”