Kid Couture

Las Vegas’ most fashionable kids share their secrets to dressing well and playing hard

mason_by_anthony_mair_WEBAnthony Mair | Vegas Seven

Mason: Gap jeans, H&M hoodie, Polo glasses.


Between besting his big sister at math facts and juggling soccer, it’s a wonder that Mason even has time to consider his wardrobe. Comfort is key as Mason has an extremely active lifestyle. The kindergartner is quick to hop on his skateboard, bike or Razor scooter and experiment with a wild new trick. Mom is thankful that a cast has yet to make it onto his accessories list.

Age: 5

What is your favorite athletic gear? I really like basketball shorts.

What is your favorite color? Red.

You wear a uniform to school. How do you give the look your own personal style? With my shoes. I love wearing Chucks (Converse) with my uniform. But they have to be navy or black for school. I have them in both colors.

What is your favorite look on the playground these days?  T-shirts with words or pictures on them.

Which athlete is your spirit animal? Stephen Curry, because he can throw a basketball behind his back and make it.

How do you feel about jeans? I love jeans!

Name an accessory that you can’t live without. My Mohawk and my glasses. I’ve had to wear them since I was 3 and I didn’t want to at first. But now, I get so many compliments that I love them.

Who at home influences your style the most? My sister, Simone (8). She always looks cool!

Hollin: Gucci dress, shoes, socks and bag. Levin: Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt, H&M jeans, D-Squared jacket, Gucci boots, Fallen Broken Street hat. Anthony Mair

Hollin: Gucci dress, shoes, socks and bag. Levin: Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt, H&M jeans, D-Squared jacket, Gucci boots, Fallen Broken Street hat.

Hollin & Levin

Hollin and Levin are two peas in a fashion pod. It’s hard to determine who walks out of the house dressed more stylishly on any given day. Hollin is a girly-girl who genuinely enjoys clothes and playing dress-up, particularly in her mom’s closet. Lev, who has Down syndrome, is a lover, and doesn’t let anything stop him from learning how to play the piano, enjoying a great story and dancing to the greatest hits of his favorite artist, Michael Jackson.

Name: Hollin

Age: 5

Nickname: Bee

What is your favorite color: Rainbow.

Describe your sense of style. Quirky, cute and cool.

How long does it take you to get ready when you are headed to a birthday bash? Five minutes. I put on the first thing I find, then I start layering. Then my mom edits my outfit on the way out the door.

What is your favorite accessory? My brother. He’s awesome.

You rock a hat, Hollin. What’s the key to owning this look? It’s like the cherry on top of a sundae. But it can’t own the outfit.

Your mom is pretty stylish as well. Is there anything you hope to inherit from her closet one day? Her vintage jewelry and clothing archive.

Tom Ford or Karl Lagerfeld? Well, until Tom starts to design for children … I’ll have to go with Karl.

Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans or you’ll never see me in jeans? If you see me in jeans, it’s because my mommy forced me into them. But I love denim shirts and jackets.

If you could only wear one outfit every day, what would it be? A costume. I wish I could be in a beautiful costume every day.

Name: Levin

Age: 7

Nickname: Lev

What does your closet look like? It’s colorful. It rivals my sister’s.

How do you make a school uniform look chic? My Fendi monster socks. I love monsters and socks.

What is your favorite store? Melijoe [and] Target.

Who is your style icon? My sister and Michael Jackson.

Finish this sentence: My outfit is not complete unless I’m wearing … My glasses! Also, I love and need comfortable pants.

What was the worst outfit your mom made you wear? A Moschino sweat suit with Crocs, socks and a beanie. Cute for her, really bad for me.

Does your sister try to influence your fashion choices? Yes, and I’m often in jewelry and scarves by the end of day.

What is your most prized possession? My Michael Jackson jacket collection. I hope I never grow out of them.

What is the biggest fashion risk you have taken? I share a lot of cardigans and jackets with my sister. They fit better.

What style trend needs to just go away? Boys’ flared-legged pants.

Noah: Janie & Jack shirt, sweater and jeans, Ralph Lauren shoes.Anthony Mair | Vegas Seven

Noah: Janie & Jack shirt, sweater and jeans, Ralph Lauren shoes.


Noah struggles with his status among the fashion elite, mostly because he doesn’t actually like wearing clothes. But he’s a sucker for compliments on his chic looks, once mom has wrestled them onto him. At only 9 months, Noah has taken his designer diaper bag to four different countries and attributes a consistent 12 hours of sleep every night to his calm demeanor.

Age: 9 months

Nickname: Lion. I dressed up as one for Halloween but my cheeks are so big, the [mane] wouldn’t fasten around my chin. I had to have an extension made and I hated every minute of it. Others call me Cheeks and Jet Set Noah.

You have visited four countries. Which one is your favorite? I’d have to say England, because my grandmother makes amazing food. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good meal.

What was the best purchase you made during your travels? It’s got to be an airplane ticket. Any excuse for a long snooze and I’m there. Just make sure to wake me in time for a diaper change before food service (maybe after, too!).

How does one travel in style yet remain comfortable? It’s all about luggage. I don’t pack light and I like options. I’m growing quite a bit, so multiple sizes of the same item of clothing are essential. Also, the bassinets on planes are super comfy, and a must for long journeys.

Biggest wardrobe malfunction? Probably realizing I wasn’t wearing anything after I was born. I was totally unprepared for my red-carpet moment. Where was my bow tie?

How do you feel about shoes? Well, I’ve just started wearing them so I’ll let you know. Actually, I have a great pair of velvet slippers with skulls on them that I’m desperate to wear to my morning feeding tomorrow.

What is the most embarrassing outfit your mother made you wear? I don’t [get] embarrassed easily, but recently I’ve been less worried about my outfits and more so with what my daddy wears. He wears more silly animals on his T-shirts than I do!

What is the most treasured piece in your closet? [It] has to be a well-fitting diaper. It goes with everything. There’s nothing worse than [rolling] up to a playdate with a loose-fitting diaper. It ruins any look.

Lennon: Armani shirt, Hudson jeans, jacket from an L.A. boutique, Adidas Yeezy shoes.Anthony Mair | Vegas Seven

Lennon: Armani shirt, Hudson jeans, jacket from an L.A. boutique, Adidas Yeezy shoes.


With a penchant for hip-hop music and a style to match, 3-year-old Lennon has already reached a level of cool that some adults never achieve. With more than 1,600 Instagram followers, @lordlennon lets fans get sneak peeks at his costume changes, chaperoned dates and hair. Lennon, who has carefully curated his wardrobe since he was 1, has the final say in everything he wears and most of what gets posted online.

Age: 3

Describe your personal style: Classic with a lot of hip-hop and street-style influences.

You have your own Instagram. What is your favorite filter? The Clarendon filter works well with my hair and eyes.

What’s the key to the perfect selfie? A big smile. How does one look Disney-chic? I like to pair my Disney shirts with something a little cooler, like my Yeezy sneakers.

What is your favorite store and why? Neiman Marcus and KNYEW. Lots of people know me at Neimans, so it’s a lot of fun. KNYEW has some trendier streetwear pieces in my size.

If you could wear only one thing, what would it be? I have a short-sleeved hoodie with matching pants from KNYEW I wear all the time. It’s comfy but still looks put together.

What style trend has outlived its welcome? Are school uniforms a trend? They aren’t cool at all. I wish they would get rid of them.