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The Modern Edge

A new Summerlin community adds a fresh aesthetic to master-plan living

There used to be a time when luxurious modern homes were only available as expensive custom creations. But at Vistara, a community at The Cliffs, which is Summerlin’s first new village in more than a decade, Pulte Homes is building trend-setting, sleek residences for a wide range of buyers.

The exterior of each home has an undeniable cool factor, with bold square edges outlining walls of tile and stone. A peek inside reveals what everyone wants these days: space, and lots of it. The open floor plans are bathed in natural lighting from eco-friendly windows designed to minimize heat radiation.

However, if you really want space—and want to make a statement—just open up the entire living area to the backyard with two sliding doors that meet together on perpendicular walls. When both are open, an entire corner of the home is exposed to the elements, which in this case may include premium barbecue grills and linear fireplaces built in stone. There’s also room for a swimming pool.

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A floating staircase for two-level residences offers plenty of space not only between the steps, but underneath them. You’re sacrificing an area for storage but gaining an open view of the house from front to back. Pulte representatives say the community went out on a limb by offering the pricey upgrade, but floating stairs have been included in more than half the orders so far.

Of course, some homeowners are all about the kitchen, and islands might as well be a requirement at this point. At Vistara find a new spin on the feature with a waterfall-style design— with edges of quartz or granite spilling over straight from the countertop to the floor. Tall, wall-height cabinets in gray, white or black, often with flat surfaces, replace traditional panels.

An upgrade worthy of any large room is the accent ceiling. It’s a centerpiece that hangs down just slightly from the rest of the ceiling, generally in a rectangular shape. Crown molding could appear a little too busy when matched with this design element, but the builder offers a new style with LED lights to give the upper edges of a wall a glow effect.

La Vista model kitchen

La Vista model kitchen

Barn doors, which slide from side to side on a mounted track, are another fun feature that has a benefit beyond aesthetics. Whether added to a bathroom or guest room, they sit alongside the wall and away from all that interior space you’re paying for. Why let a door swing open into a room if it doesn’t have to?

So what about bathrooms? According to the homebuilder, only about 20 percent of buyers at Vistara are choosing to keep bathtubs. Everyone else is ditching them in favor of grand walk-in showers. Floating vanities are also popular, with lighting visible from underneath and overhead. There’s really no functional advantage, unless you need room for your toes under the sink. And what’s wrong with that? It’s your dream home after all.

Vistara is at South Hualapai Way and Mesa Park Drive. Tours available Thurs.–Tues. from 10 a.m.–5 p.m., and Wed. from 12 p.m.–5 p.m.