Booze on the Brain

gift_guide_by_krystal_ramirez-25_WEBKrystal Ramirez

Xania Woodman has booze on the brain this Hanukkah. Here are her top picks!

Bourbon: The Rose, Fall and Subsequent Rebirth of an American Whiskey by Fred Minnick, the author’s annual tasteful whiskey tome. $14.12,

Frey Ranch Reserve Absinthe, the first batch of which consists of just 810 numbered bottles from Nevada’s only estate distillery and using two varieties of wormwood. $55, Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits,

Angel’s Envy Rum-Finished Rye, a highly allocated release of 100-proof rye finished in Plantation XO barrels. $76, select Lee’s Discount Liquors locations while its lasts,

Tony Abou-Ganim’s Fizz Glasses by Steelite International are used at Libertine Social in Mandalay Bay. 6 for $76.50,

The Original Moscow Copper Co. 100-Percent Copper Mule Mug, said to be just like the one that witnessed the birth of this classic vodka drink roughly 75 years ago. $49,

Death’s Door Gin, in sleek new packaging that feels as good in the hand as it tastes in the glass. $37, Total Wine & Spirits,

Most poor unsuspecting vodkas have been ruined with flavors like grape and marshmallow but Black Moth Vodka makes up for these injustices. The truffle-flavored spirit from Great Britain is distinct and clean. $100,

Genevie Durano and Lissa Townsend Rogers’ Booze Accessories

Let the menu take course with a roll of the dice—Foodie Dice and Mixology Dice are a fun way to introduce a little mystery to your next dinner party. No takeout allowed! $44 for both, $24 each, –G.D.

Whiskey Legends Rocks Glass Sets celebrate famous drinkers, including Ava Gardner—she may have been one of Hollywood’s legendary stars, but she always preferred bourbon to Champagne. $44 a pair, –L.T.R.