For the Stylish Badass

gift_guide_by_krystal_ramirez-31_WEBKrystal Ramirez

Coraline Fedora

Hats make you look cool while simultaneously hide a bad-hair day. The wide-brim, Merino wool Coraline hat at Goorin Bros. is shellacked in a stiffener for a crisp look. Fedoras may be synonymous with gangsters and the Rat Pack, but they were actually invented for women in the 1800s, making this a unisex design. $170, Goorin Bros. in The Linq,

Sailor Jerry x Schott  NYC Perfecto Jacket

This leather moto jacket collaboration embodies American badassery. The legendary tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’ flash art hides in the red satin lining and on a patch on the sleeve, making this jacket truly original. $900,