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Melody Sweets Has a Gift for Santa, The Quitters Get Higher Than St. Nick

For this edition of Hear Now, we come to you with gifts. The Killers, local punks The Quitters, rapper Ekoh and Absinthe performer Melody Sweets all have holiday-themed goodies for you.

Melody Sweets – “Santa Maybe” [Video]

This video is safe for work, though I’m pretty glad no one is sitting behind me right now. Otherwise they’d be reporting to HR that Zoneil is surely watching the beginnings of a Brazzers scene. But that’s not what this is. It’s just Absinthe Green Fairy Melody Sweets writhing around in a bed in lingerie and huddled around a bunch of shirtless dudes from Chippendales while singing sexually suggestive double-entendres such as “Let me help you with that heavy sack” and “Santa, maybe I’ll let you come inside.” That’s awfully kind of you, Melody.

Watch the new video below, then catch her in action in Absinthe (along with our columnist/bubble girl Charlie Starling) and during her upcoming burlesque show, The Sweets’ Spot, at The Smith Center’s Cabaret Jazz on February 7.

The Quitters – Tiz the Season EP [Stream]

There are no chestnuts roasting on an open fire at The Quitters’ family Christmas, just a joint shaped like a crucifix so they can “get higher than St. Nick.” Yup, it’s a “Chronic Christmas” indeed. The song is just one of three new original holiday anthems on the local punk mainstays’ Tiz the Season EP, which also includes a fierce take on “Carol of the Bells.”

Ekoh ft. Kat Kalling – “December to Forget” [Video]

If it feels like I’m always writing about Ekoh, it’s because he’s constantly dropping material—but not in the disposable way that rappers tend to. In fact, he hasn’t dropped an album or EP since 2013’s Zzyzx Road, and there hasn’t been any indication that anything extensive is coming soon. With the way music is being consumed today, it seems that he’s taken a less-traditional approach by dropping a new single and accompanying video every other month or so. Is it financially lucrative? You’d have to ask him, but each video racks thousands of views (this one’s got more than 63,000 on Facebook) and his recent streams average around 20,000 plays on Soundcloud. It’s not earth-shattering, but it’s a strong trajectory for an independent artist experimenting with his own distribution method. Some of y’all dropping mixtapes every quarter might wanna take note.

Strategy aside, the holiday-themed “December to Forget” is what we’ve come to expect from the emcee: reflection of self and the world as he looks back on 2016. He’s joined by indie vocalist/sad mouse Kat Kalling, who delivers the too-true chorus of I’m looking for love in likes, I get my social media high.

The Killers – “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” [Stream]

In honor of nonprofit (RED)’s 10th anniversary, The Killers recently released their 11-track Christmas charity compilation, Don’t Waste Your Wishes. The album includes their previous 10 Christmas singles, starting with 2006’s “A Great Big Sled” to this year’s brand new cover of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” which features Brand Flowers’ fourth-grade teacher Ned Humphrey Hansen. The song starts with a moving story from Flowers about Mr. Hansen teaching him the importance of the Christmas standard, followed by a duet by the Killers frontman and the 86-year-old former teacher.

Listen to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” below and buy/download the album via iTunes. All proceeds benefit (RED)’s efforts to end AIDS in Africa.

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