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Chef Stephen Blandino takes a much more elegant approach than any of his predecessors at the coveted Desert Shores location.

Former Charlie Palmer Steak chef Steve Blandino is the latest to try to make a go of the prime waterfront address in Desert Shores that has over the years been home to Garfield’s and Isabella’s. But with Americana, he’s taking a much more elegant approach than any of his predecessors. In fact, this is one of the most upscale restaurants anyone has attempted outside of the city’s casinos in recent memory. And it’s no boutique affair. Americana offers a large dining room, lounge and patio that will undoubtedly demand a mainstream audience.

Chef Stephen Blandino

Chef Stephen Blandino

To draw that audience, the chef is flexing gourmet chops from Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Starters include a duo of Kumamoto oysters, crispy quail over risotto, a golden truffle egg salad with Iberico ham that has to be seen to be believed, and Japanese snapper crudo adorned with sea urchin, dragon apples and olive oil encapsulations. In addition to basics such as salmon, chicken and a filet, main courses include sablefish, smoked venison under glass and Japanese A5 wagyu. And the dessert menu features sweets so creative it’s hard to believe the place doesn’t have a dedicated pastry chef. Americana raises dining in the ’burbs to a new level, daring locals to re-think where to go for their next gastronomic splurge.

NAME: Americana

SERVING: Asian, European and American fine dining

OPENED: October 30, 2016

WHO’S BEHIND IT: Stephen Blandino

DID YOU KNOW: Several black swans call the adjacent man-made lake home.

LOCATION: 2620 Regatta Dr., Las Vegas NV 89128

HOURS OF OPERATION: 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. for lunch and 4-10 p.m. for dinner, Tue-Sun.

PHONE: 702-331-5565


INSTAGRAM.COM: @americanalv

DINNER FOR TWO: $75-$200