Our Most Memorable Moments of 2016

We asked the Vegas Seven staff: What was your best/most memorable moment of 2016?

Grace Jones at Main Stage by Quinn Tucker for FYF FestQuinn Tucker/Goldenvoice

Hmmm. I wonder if it had anything to do with a certain music festival. –Justin Weniger, the Wen in Wendoh Media

Watching my 11-year-old so excited to hear a 74-year-old Democratic Socialist speak at a rally in Henderson, even after a five-hour wait. Hope made the air electric that night, and even though we’re in the predicament we’re in now, the thought of upholding the ideals of democracy has definitely captured my kid’s imagination. –Genevie Durano, managing editor

Grace Jones at FYF. She took me to the disco … and then took us all to church! Like James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem said later, “If you missed Grace … you fucked up.” –Ben Ward, creative director

I’ll never forget the moments right after Herbs & Rye won the award for Best American High Volume Bar at Tales of the Cocktail’s Spirited Awards in New Orleans. I was ugly-crying into my dinner napkin, and I thought to myself, “This changes everything.” –Xania Woodman, senior editor, dining, beverage & nightlife

The highlight reel: I met Paul and Ringo, traveled aboard the Hello Kitty plane to Macau—21 hours of pure bliss—rode the world’s only figure-eight ferris wheel, went to the birthplace of my favorite vodka in a little town called Schiedam (in the Netherlands) and basked in the glory of a fireworks display igniting the sky above a video-mapped windmill. Oh, 2016 … you were a very good year. –Melinda Sheckells, editor-in-chief

Traveling to Vietnam and meeting that side of my family for the first time! I will never forget their hospitality. Or the five meals they fed me each day—absolutely delicious. –Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

Every moment of the night–turned–early-morning that my fiancée and I binge-watched Stranger Things together. –Matthew Iles, account executive