Packing For a Winter Getaway

I am in awe of people who have mastered the art of packing. I would like to think that I can pack only what I need and have enough garments that can be easily layered, mixed and matched. But, in reality, I almost always overpack. I can’t help it. The thought of leaving something behind that I may need is almost too much to bear. While this problem is hardly one of life’s actual dilemmas, it has forced me to be more conscious about what I bring to avoid the excess. I narrowed down some key pieces to bring on a quick weekend away to one of my favorite beach towns—Malibu.


1. Every wardrobe needs a collection of sneakers. Old-school Vans and Golden Goose are my favorites.

2. You will definitely need a pair of shorts. Paired with a T-shirt and sandals or layered with a jacket and sneakers, you can get many different looks out of such a simple staple. Consider the brand One Teaspoon.


3. A good bag is mandatory for beach essentials. If it can double as an everyday bag, even better. A big makeup bag to fit inside saves room without losing functionality. Sensi Studio Frayed tote, $300,; Star Mela purse, $81,


4. A comfortable dress made of soft material is the only one you’ll need. Pair it with sandals or throw a jacket on for cool nights and you’ll be stylish and warm in the beach air. Raquel Allegra tunic dress, $185,


5. Besides a plain T-shirt, a cool graphic print tee is a must. Paired with shorts or jeans, it’s the perfect foundation for layering. Add one more layer with a fun sweatshirt for when it’s overcast and cold. Madeworn Social Distortion Concert T-shirt, $161, and Kiss Me sweatshirt, $253,


6. I love a good kimono, and they work so well with skinny jeans or shorts. Paired with a T-shirt and sandals, it can be your beach town go-to.


7. A good leather jacket won’t take up too much room in your bag, but works well with everything else in it. Veda Creeper Studded leather jacket, $1,197,

Lauren Molasky is a Las Vegas native, stylist, blogger and fashion devotee. Follow her @ahippiesdaughter.