The Ride

The Ride Cycling Studio Aims to Break the Fitness Norm

The RideJesse J Sutherland

If you’ve tapped it back and been around the world, then chances are you’ve sweated it out at an indoor cycling class. With the New York–based SoulCycle leading the charge, riding to the rhythm in a nightlife atmosphere has become a cult-like exercise phenomenon. But the triple threat behind The Ride wants you to forget everything you’ve already experienced about cycling.

“Our tagline is, ‘Life’s too short for an ordinary ride,’” says Shannon McBeath, co-owner of the cycling studio, which opened December 14. “I think people in Vegas have gotten used to the ordinary [with fitness.]”

McBeath would know. A Las Vegas resident for almost three decades, she is a devoted workout enthusiast. McBeath has completed three triathlons and cites tennis, mountain biking and road cycling as some of the many ways she stays fit. Her quest to bring an exciting cycling concept to Las Vegas began last summer. Simultaneously, Milo Miloscia and Mark Cornelsen embarked on the same process.

The RideJesse J Sutherland

“I came from Los Angeles about a year and a half ago and I was an avid cyclist,” says Cornelsen, an event planner by trade. “No one in Vegas knew what it was outside of a gym setting.”

He recruited Miloscia to accompany him to Los Angeles and experience the sensation firsthand. From there, they went to New York, Orange County and London to research various incarnations of the exercise regime.

“We learned very quickly what we didn’t want to do,” says Miloscia, who spent 12 years as the senior vice president of concert-promoter Andrew Hewitt Company, until he helped sell the business to Live Nation in 2012.

The RideJesse J Sutherland

What the two also learned was that McBeath was plotting her own studio. The trio met for lunch, and by the end they knew they shared the same goal. A partnership was formed and The Ride was born.

The group’s collective vision included creating a semi-circular room instead of the usual box that most studios occupy. Another innovative approach was the bikes, which the group spent tireless hours researching. Stages SC3 bikes are ergonomically engineered for simplicity and function, and the carbon fiber belt makes the ride feel natural and smooth, while the power meters provide accurate feedback on your performance. In addition, the team has put in a top-of-the-line sound and light system and brought in Brandon Mills, of Hollywood Cycle fame, to audition and train the instructors.

The RideJesse J Sutherland

“We weren’t going to do something unless we did it properly,” Miloscia says. “People will notice that we spent a lot of time on this.”

McBeath adds, “I think people are going to be wowed. Vegas deserves this.”

Meet the Instructors

GCGL0060 - LaceyLacey Alderson

Favorite songs: “My Way” by Calvin Harris and “Starboy” by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

Favorite artist: It changes weekly … but I’m feeling Sia lately.

What’s your Ride vibe? I believe in getting lost in the music and trusting that your instructor will lead you out of the other side of 45 minutes stronger, more disciplined and motivated. My goal is to create an environment where the clients feel safe and valued enough to leave nothing behind.

Fitness motto? Get it right, get it tight!

When I’m not Riding, I’m … working as a mental health therapist and substance abuse counselor.

What’s your favorite thing about Vegas? The energy. That whole “can’t stop, won’t stop” vibe.

GCGL9685-2 - Patrick

Patrick Leahy

Favorite song: “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon

Favorite artist: Sia

What’s your Ride vibe? My class is a mental escape from the daily grind. Its physically and mentally challenging but also allows riders to have a kick-ass time.

Fitness motto? Make it a lifestyle, not a chore.

When I’m not Riding, I’m … performing on the Las Vegas Strip or enjoying a nice glass of rosé. You can catch me in Zombie Burlesque at Planet Hollywood.

What’s your favorite thing about Vegas? It never sleeps! There’s always something to do no matter what time it is. What isn’t there to love when you live in the Entertainment Capital of the World?

GCGL0649 - DevinDevin Altschul

Favorite song: “Holy Grail” by Jay Z ft. Justin Timberlake

Favorite artist: Drake

What’s your Ride vibe? Good beats and lots of tap backs.

Fitness motto? Leave no doubt.

When I’m not Riding, I’m … buying shoes! It’s an obsession.

What’s your favorite thing about Vegas? The misconceptions about being born and raised here. I love to show people around and change their views.