Now Serving: Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips

Gordon Ramsay’s fourth Strip restaurant (tying Emeril and Michael Mina and putting him one behind Wolfgang Puck) is the chef’s most casual to date being a traditional English-style chippy. It’s impossible to miss as you stroll down The LINQ Promenade, with its fire hydrant and giant fish-shape sign on the front patio, both painted with Union Jacks, and doors designed to look like old-school British phone booths. Inside, it’s a grab-and-go with limited seating, neon signs, a chalkboard menu and flatscreen TVs.

Fish & chips. Photo: Krystal Ramirez

Rather than generically frying whatever he can get his hands on, Ramsay gives each item its own special treatment. Sustainable Alaskan true cod, for example, comes seasoned with custard powder. Fried shrimp is accented with basil and a hint of lavender. And a corn dog is made with battered sausage and fontina cheese. All of those batters—which the celebrity chef attributes to his mother’s recipes—are super-light and cooked to a golden crisp. The chips (fries) come plain with sea salt, or in one of three “dirty” styles: with truffle, Parmesan and chives; chipotle, jalapeño and crisp chorizo; or cacciatore spice and fresh basil. (If you can’t decide, ask for the off-menu G-Spot Sampler, which is one piece fish, one piece chicken and one piece shrimp for $15.)

Even the condiments here are above and beyond what you’ll find at almost any American fast-food joint. They include traditional tartar sauce and Sarson’s Malt Vinegar, as well as a wide variety of more creative dipping sauces such as sriracha aioli and a wonderful sweet-and-spicy mango curry. Wash them down with a craft beer or flavored lemonade. For milkshakes, the chef offers a Biscoff cookie version or a re-creation of his famed sticky toffee pudding in liquid form.

NAME: Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips
SERVING: British grab-and-go
OPENED: October 7, 2016
WHO’S BEHIND IT: Gordon Ramsay
DID YOU KNOW: Forbes estimates Ramsay’s earnings at $54 million.
LOCATION: At The LINQ Promenade
HOURS OF OPERATION: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. daily
INSTAGRAM: @gordongram
CONTACT: 702-322-0529