Photo by Clay Enos//Warner Bros.

Holding Out for a … Heroine

‘Wonder Woman’ is the superhero flick we’ve (actually) been waiting for

The only thing more played out than superhero movies is talking about how played out superhero movies are. Batman’s had 10 flicks, Superman’s had seven, and it seems every dude in tights who’s drifted through a Marvel or DC frame has had his shot at a franchise.

But not Wonder Woman. Oh, they’ve been talking about it since the freaking Carter administration, and everyone from Sandra Bullock (um, OK) to Megan Fox (um, no) has been pitched for the role. For decades, Wonder Woman’s millions of fans have been forced to make do with animated kids’ shows and DVDs of the legendary ’70s TV series, which starred Lynda Carter whooping Nazi ass in hot pants and a bustier.

But in 2017, we will finally see the Amazon princess on the big screen. Helming the film is Patty Jenkins, who directed Charlize Theron to an Oscar for portraying serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster and has long dreamed of making a movie about the heroine. Playing the lead is Gal Gadot, whose pre–Wonder Woman résumé is mostly modeling gigs and a few girlfriend roles—but she did train in the Israeli army before scoring Jaguar and Gucci contracts, and managed to come out of her Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice cameo looking more impressive than her (admittedly tool-y) costars.

Wonder Woman will be set during World War I, which at least spares us the same anonymous CGI Gotham/Metropolis we see destroyed in every superhero flick. The trailer promises us Wonder Woman blocking bullets with her bracelets on the battlefield and taking out German soldiers with her broadsword, but also moments of our heroine trying on her post-Victorian petticoats and musing, “How could a woman possibly fight in this.” This June, Wonder Woman will show us how.