Experience a different kind of reality at Alto Bar.

Virtual Reality Seizes the Strip Prior to CES

When the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest technology conventions in the world, hits Las Vegas from January 5-8, we’re going to feel it. Usually it’s not so fun for us locals, who just want to drive by the Convention Center without hurting a sea of back-packed techies, but this CES season, we can reap the benefits. Two virtual reality experiences, where you strap a headset on and get transported to a digital world, have temporarily opened on the Strip. It’s time non-conventioneers got a taste of the future.

Liquor isn’t the only thing Alto Bar has top shelf. The Caesars Palace space recently introduced its Oculus Virtual Reality Lounge, which offers access to four Oculus Rifts, some of the most high-end examples of VR you can find today. In addition, the Rift’s Touch controllers will also be present to play with. Touch is what blurs the line between virtual reality and our reality. The controllers become extensions of your own hands, letting you grip and throw objects in the virtual setting as naturally as you would in real life. It’s the ultimate group activity because watching friends fumble their way through VR is almost as fun as people-watching in a hotel at 2 a.m. Almost. caesars.com, VR lounge open 4 p.m.-2 a.m. Open until Feb. 28.  

If you like your VR like you like your Strip shows—theatrical, of course!—then you’ll love what Cirque du Soleil’s has cooked up. In the lobby of the MGM Grand, you can find virtual reality stations for KÀ The Battle Within. You might have seen the dynamic, martial arts tale unfold on a 360 degree-rotating platform for the show, but have you ever been on the stage? This VR experience plops you into the middle of the action as imperial warriors scale teetering landscapes and battle each other to their knees. That’s a real front-row seat. cirquedusoleil.com, open until Jan. 12, open 11 a.m.-7 p.m.