Now Serving: Vege-Way

In-N-Out may have a run for its money with this plant-based fast food joint.

Vege-Way is the In-N-Out for vegans.

Vegan and fast food: words not normally found together … until the debut of Vege-Way in the south Valley.

Chef Kenny Chye isn’t a stranger to the vegan dining scene. His first restaurant, Chinatown’s popular Veggie House, has been bringing in plant-based eaters and omnivores since it opened in 2012. His ability to trick even the most steadfast meat-eater with dishes such as his meat-free orange “chicken” has become the stuff of legend.

With a die-hard fan base and a desire to create a vegan burger unlike any other on the market, Chye expanded his culinary enterprise to another vegan option. Vege-Way provides the city with its very first plant-based fast-food joint, complete with a drive-thru lane.

In its first week, Vege-Way attracted massive crowds and sold more than 3,000 burgers. A dream of Chye’s for years, his latest restaurant offers his plant-based take on In-N-Out’s cheese burgers (hello, Double Double!), plus vegan versions of popcorn chicken, chicken wraps, fish tacos and fried zucchini plus curly fries, sweet potato fries and milkshakes that are eerily similar to the real thing. Want healthier options? Of course, they have salads, too.

NAME: Vege-Way

SERVING: Plant-based fast food

OPENED: September 2016


LOCATION: 7790 S. Jones Blvd. 

DID YOU KNOW: The next Vege-Way location opens January 15 in the northwest at 6410 N. Durango Dr., Suite 110


HOURS OF OPERATION:  10: 30 a.m.-9 p.m. daily

CONTACT: 702-614-3380


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