Intrigue's Living Room. Photo by Barbara Kraft

Spend Your Thursdays at Intrigue’s Living Room

If hotels-within-hotels were the running theme of 2016, clubs-within-clubs are the way forward. And the Living Room, a private space inside Intrigue at Wynn Las Vegas, is leading the charge.

The Living Room’s existence isn’t so much a secret as it is a hidden gem. The venue purposely remains low-key, minimizing excess marketing and promoting exclusivity without the pretense that often comes with Las Vegas nightlife.

Rooms bathed in creams and gold, a DJ that spins only vinyl, private bathrooms, a separate entrance into Intrigue, plush couches and lockers for guests to store premium bottles are just some of the luxurious amenities the Living Room has to offer.

Photo: Barbara Kraft

The Living Room isn’t your run-of-the-mill bar, lounge or nightclub on the Strip. At its core, the venue is a place for guests to socialize and enjoy nightlife at their own leisure. The atmosphere encourages people to be in the moment. There’s an enforced no-social media or photography policy, and guests happily tuck their phones away to enjoy the ambiance.

The venue is members-only, or through invitation, but on Thursdays it opens to night industry insiders, local influencers and out-of-town patrons. They’re welcome to kick back in the Living Room before making their way into Intrigue’s main area to enjoy one of Wynn’s popular DJs.