Illustration by Cierra Pedro

Our 2017 Goals

We asked the Vegas Seven staff: What’s your new year, new you goal?

I want to have a baby. –Brittany Quintana, account manager

I really want to focus more on my passions for photography and videography and hone my craft. –Matthew Iles, account executive

I won’t waste groceries and I will reduce my carbon footprint. –Ben Ward, creative director

In 2016, I went hard on health and fitness. Now I’m trying to trim the other fat in life: debt and bullshit material things. I already traded in my unnecessary SUV for a dinky little Honda and cleaned out my closet. Now, if someone would let me sleep on their couch, I can stop paying rent, too. –Zoneil Maharaj, director of digital content

Slow down, be in the moment and truly enjoy the experiences and blessings that each day brings. –Michael Skenandore, publisher

This is the year of curated commitments. I’ll be practicing the art of saying no, because too often, I say yes to everything and end up stressed out and overcommitted to things I should have skipped. No more! –James P. Reza, contributor

My goal is to make the most of my free time by cutting down on screen time. –Jessie O’Brien, editor,