Tilting the Basin, on exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno.

Tilting the Basin Exhibit Makes Its Las Vegas Debut This March

Locals who haven’t made the trek to see the monumental Tilting the Basin: Contemporary Art of Nevada exhibit featuring Northern and Southern Nevada artists at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno will be able to see its works when the exhibit opens March 17 in Downtown Las Vegas.

After searching for an appropriate Las Vegas location for the show that features works of 34 artists from the Silver State, NMA announced this morning that the exhibit will open at 920 S. Commerce Street in a building owned by Stephen Molasky. It will be on exhibit there through May 14.

The space “couldn’t be more perfect,” says Michele Quinn. The Las Vegas-based art advisor  serves on the board of the Art Museum at Symphony Park, which is partnering with NMA to bring the show to Las Vegas. Quinn co-curated the exhibit with NMA’s JoAnne Northrup. It opened in Reno in early August and both groups were looking for a space to host it this spring in Las Vegas.

“It’s a perfect, open, 14,000-square-foot warehouse space. It’s clean and has skylights. It just felt right,” says Quinn, who had been working on a project with Stephen Molasky and knew that the space would soon be available. “We were looking at other options, but other places were too small. We were looking for something upwards of 7,500 square feet.”

The Las Vegas exhibit will feature the works seen in Reno, and organizers are working on programming in conjunction with the exhibit to draw a broad spectrum of the community. The exhibit, featuring contemporary artists working in Nevada, features a mix of media and voices which show the strength of artwork being created here. It also builds upon the growing relationship between NMA and the planned Art Museum at Symphony Park.

“To do it in partnership with the Nevada Museum of Art shows how these conversations can get started,” Quinn said.

The 17 Las Vegas artists whose work is in the show are Chris Bauder, Mark Brandvik, JW Caldwell, Matthew Couper, Gig Depio, Justin Favela, Sush Machida Gaikotsu, Shawn Hummel, Wendy Kveck, JK Russ, David Ryan, David Sanchez Burr, Sean Slattery, Brent Sommerhauser, Brent Holmes, Krystal Ramirez and Rachel Stiff.