What We Saw and Overheard at AVN 2017

The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo brought an extra serving of sin to Hard Rock Hotel last week for its annual gathering of porn stars, cam girls and sex-positive kinksters. As usual, we drew straws and sent a few staffers to begrudgingly take in the sights and eavesdrop on the expo floor banter. Here’s our dispatch (scroll on for pictures):

“I don’t think she’s wearing panties.” —A construction worker dining at Pizza Forte, before leaning back and falling in his chair

“If I’m not making money I’m making gains” —Porn actress Kasey Warner while doing tricep dips on her signing table

“He couldn’t come this year. His wife is having a baby or something.” —A middle aged man to buddies

“Doesn’t spend money, doesn’t talk. My ideal woman.”
“I don’t know. She looks so pre-teen.” —Two middle aged men examining a petite, ringleted sex doll

“What do you think Michelle and Barack did on their last night in the White House?”
“Fucked on every piece of furniture.”
“Slug trails all over the place.” —Bros on an elevator leaving the press room

“…51, 52, 53, 54…” —A cam girl spanking herself with a paddle during a livestream in the middle of the expo

“That’s the Jiggle Butt.” —A sex toy vendor pointing to a vibrating, rubbery rear end

“Is she staring at me? Wait, that’s a doll.” —An attendee who got a little too excited too fast and can’t tell the difference between plastic and human flesh

“Do me a favor, take a picture of the vagina that’s attached to it.” —A vendor to photographer Krystal Ramirez after she photographed a rubber mold of porn actress Vicky Vette’s vagina

“I don’t see anyone that I’ve masturbated to.” —A Vegas Seven reporter

Photos by Krystal Ramirez