Craving Something Sweet? Dip Into JinJu Chocolate, Espresso, Dessert

JinJu fondue. Photo: Anthony Mair

Award-winning pastry chef Jin Caldwell dazzled the Strip with decadent chocolates during her time at Bellagio and Wynn. She then brought her talents to the masses at Mars and Ethel M, and she became the darling of Downtown with the 2013 opening of JinJu Chocolates at Container Park. So her decision to open JinJu Chocolate, Espresso, Dessert on South Rainbow Boulevard in 2016 was welcome news to anyone on the west side with a sweet tooth. But the chef has done the neighborhood one better by offering a selection of confections created exclusively for the new location. Most are baked goods, including assorted croissants, cookies, brownies and cakes. For something more social, grab a seat in the charming dining area and order the chocolate fondue.

This simple shareable treat comes in two sizes. The small ($18) is perfect for a cozy date, while the large ($28) makes for a nice family experience. Heated with a candle, the bowl of warm liquid chocolate is surrounded with a variety of salty and sweet items perfect for dipping. They include an assortment of fresh-cut fruit, marshmallows, house-made brownies and macarons, potato chips and pretzels. In a dessert world where tacky fountains have become boring and passé, this humble presentation offers some delicious old-school charm.

JinJu Chocolate, Espresso, Dessert

7345 S. Rainbow Blvd., jinjuchocolates.comInstagram: @jinjuchocolates