Photo: Cierra Pedro

Do You Have Roosters Here?

Cock hunting for Chinese New Year.

Don’t assume that just because this is the Year of the Rooster, you’re going to see game birds at every turn. That’s a mistaken belief, one that just leads to you spending two days calling places and driving around, stopping at casinos and restaurants and asking if there are any roosters in there.

Do yourself another favor and don’t Google “rooster” and “Las Vegas,” because all the results are for the Red Rooster, and that’s really a whole different thing.

January 28 marks the start of the Chinese New Year, so here is a list of seven notable rooster-viewing spots around town.

Bellagio Conservatory. Photo: Cierra Pedro

In-Your-Face Roosters

The Palazzo boasts the largest rooster of them all: a 15-foot, 3,500-pound fowl in the Waterfall Atrium that was constructed of steel and resin and adorned with 68,000 crystals.

Down the street, Bellagio just unveiled its Chinese New Year–themed Conservatory display, complete with a 10-foot animated rooster that crows every 30 minutes. This exhibit also didn’t come cheap: The bird was decorated with 10,000 feathers and embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Yeehaw! Photo: Cierra Pedro

A Rooster You Can Ride

Once you’ve finished enjoying the rooster as art, you can head over to The Linq Promenade and ride a mechanical rooster at Chayo Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar. It’s just like a mechanical bull, but a rooster. Nuff said.

Rooster Restaurant Decor

Flock & Fowl. Photo: Cierra Pedro

The bigwigs at Farmer Boys probably weren’t even thinking about Chinese New Year when they put up pictures of roosters all over their restaurants, but it worked out pretty well for 2017. The Decatur Boulevard and Russell Road location even has a little rooster statue by the entrance.

Ditto for lunchtime favorite Flock & Fowl on Sahara Avenue east of Interstate 15. The place has already gotten our “mmm hmmm” stamp of approval, and the rooster decorations just take it up another notch. Bravo.

Real. Live. Roosters.

At last, a Year of the Rooster experience that’s as real as it gets. The Las Vegas Farm, at Grand Teton Drive and Tenaya Way in the northwest, has actual roosters, along with other livestock you can see up close. It’s open every weekend, so gather the family and have a real country outing!

Photo: Cierra Pedro

Thy Name Is Roosters

You won’t find crystal statues at Roosters Men’s Grooming Center in Henderson, but that’s not why you go there. May their name bring them good fortune in 2017.