Big-Game Drinks and Eats of the North and South

Theme your Super Bowl spread with these Atlanta and New England picks.

Now that we have our Super Bowl 51 matchup with the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons we can get to the critical part of planning our game day party. Whether or not we like the teams, players or coaches is irrelevant, as we in Las Vegas know that spectacle, presentation and guest experience trumps all.

To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a short list of menu essentials—beer, booze and food—that defines this clash of north and south.

Atlanta Falcons


Atlanta’s craft-beer scene is immensely popular, but unfortunately, its locally brewed beers aren’t bottled and shipped to Las Vegas. If you can find some SweetWater suds, let us know where.


We’ve selected the Stinger, a highly regarded combination of cognac and crème de menthe served in a coupe glass. Named one of Atlanta’s best drinks in 2016, it apparently tastes like Scope.


Southern cuisine comes to mind, but that’s too obvious. Instead, go with oysters, which Zagat and Eater ranked as a top draw at Atlanta’s Kimball House restaurant. Be sure to pair them with champagne.

New England Patriots


Again, the East Coast’s distribution bias will keep you from enjoying the region’s most popular craft beers. You can always fall back on Sam Adams.


Google delivered this easy-to-mix recipe for Boston Rum Punch: Smith and Cross Traditional Jamaican Rum and lemonade, served in a pint and garnished with nutmeg and half a strawberry or orange slice.


Again, the obvious go-to is clam chowder, but do you really want your guests sitting around eating soup? Think of the spillage risk. Avoid the mess and serve lobster rolls. Your carpet will thank you.