Travis Scott. Photo by Nick Knight

The Good Life Fridays Launches at Jewel Nightclub

And it kicks off with “The Travis Scott Experience."

Jewel Nightclub inside Aria recently announced its latest venture, The Good Life Fridays, a party that promises unforgettable moments focused on the guest. Once a month, hip-hop artist and producer Travis Scott will host “The Travis Scott Experience,” where he’ll perform a set of his chart-topping hits, kicking off on February 3. Here are a few reasons why this will be the place to unwind after a long week.

You’ll Get a Taste of the Good Life

It’s not a concert, it’s an experience and Jewel works as the perfect backdrop. Whether you reserve a table or choose general admission, all partiers are treated to the good life. Jewel may be one of the more intimate venues on the Strip because of its size and jewel-box design, but it doesn’t skimp on extravagance. Dazzling light displays, themed VIP suites, confetti balloons and insane production are just a few of the elements that guests experience throughout the night. Without a bad table in the house, and plenty of GA room, clubgoers are able to fully immerse themselves in Scott’s vibe wherever they choose to party.

Travis Knows How to Put on a Show

It’s nothing but high energy when Scott performs—and these moments are promised to be longer than the average nightclub set. The artist, known for pulling crazy stunts onstage like crowd surfing, has a natural ability for getting the place hyped. But there’s more to look forward to than just outrageous party antics. Scott is a perfectionist and is all about giving guests a quality show.

Photo: Nick Knight

Exclusive New Music?

Fresh off the success of his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, Scott is currently working on his next album, AstroWorld. With the album expected sometime this year, clubgoers may end up getting a preview of new material.

You Never Know Who You’ll Run Into

Scott is an industry favorite, with artists such as Metro Boomin, Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert and Quavo touting him as a genius. With such a large circle of supporters, who knows who may show up at Jewel?

Pop Bottles and Balloons

There are only so many ways to release confetti, but confetti balloons are blowing up in 2017. Multiple times throughout the night, Jewel releases giant balloons for partygoers to bounce around. When they pop, it’s confetti showers all around.

Any Given Friday

On the dates when Travis isn’t in the house, catch open-format talent such as Lil Jon, Irie, FAED, LA Leakers and more, performing on Friday nights. 

Travis Scott

February 3 and March 17, Jewel Nightclub in Aria,; Instagram: jewelnightclub