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Real Results Fitness’ Tribe Grows With Second Location

The Downtown gym opens shop in North Las Vegas.

At Real Results Fitness, a workout is more than just cardio and lifting weights.

Co-founder Branden Collinsworth has been trailblazing the Las Vegas fitness world to give physical wellness a deeper meaning for the past 12 years. In 2011, he and business partner Paul Rosenberg began teaching informal outdoor classes in Downtown Las Vegas, putting as much emphasis on the mind as the body. They soon gathered a cult following.

“Three people built to 10 people, then 20 people; then we had 50 people coming out in the mornings. We knew our vibe was right and we had to find some place,” says Collinsworth, 32. “They were talking tech, they were talking fashion, they were talking all this stuff Downtown. [We said] ‘Letʻs bring fitness down here.’”

Cierra Pedro | Vegas Seven

Co-founders Paul Rosenberg and Branden Collinsworth

The two opened their first gym in 2012 in an old tortilla storage in the Arts District. At the time, the neglected neighborhood’s revitalization was still in its infancy, and the gym grew with it. During the first year, Collinsworth and Rosenberg taught 40 classes a week themselves. As Real Results started making gains, their business began to flourish into something unique, amassing a membership of several hundred and a team of some of the most agile and inspirational trainers in Las Vegas.

“We built up Real Results as this different type of training that was rooted more in connection, rooted in community; rooted in wellness, mind, body [and] spirit elevation,” says Collinsworth, a Nike master trainer. “We created a tribe of people that really supported [each other] on their pursuit of being a better person.”

Real Results NorthCierra Pedro | Vegas Seven

After five years in its rugged Downtown location, the tribe has outgrown its temple. Real Results Fitness is now expanding with a second location in North Las Vegas.

“We went to Downtown when nobody was talking about Downtown, [and] it happened. Nobody was talking about Aliante, but out here thereʻs a huge military population and huge residential population,” says Collinsworth. “A lot of these businesses here are the same story … They’re mom-and-pop shops really trying to make it happen and I appreciate that kind of entrepreneurship because I know what itʻs like.”

Located at 6592 N. Decatur Blvd., the new gym, which soft-opened in late January, encompasses 4,700 square feet and has an uplifting vibe that can’t be defined—it has to be felt.

Real Results NorthCierra Pedro | Vegas Seven

The space is filled with breathtaking graffiti by local artist SAVME. In bold lettering and vibrant hues, motivational quotes pop off the walls: “Do what you suck at,” “Better every day” and, the most important, “Respect Effort.” A giant spray-painted portrait of Bruce Lee looms over one wall, ready to strike. On another, a section that embodies the Downtown location’s legacy: The Power Wall, where members inscribe personal mantras and slogans to not only leave their mark but inspire others. “It gives people that sense of ownership when they come to the gym. We want everybodyʻs positive vibration to emanate from the walls of our spaces because they feel it,” Collinsworth says.

At Real Results, you won’t find the ordinary cardio machines and cable weights. Instead, you’re in an urban jungle gym where every inch of space—and every part of your body—is utilized. Massive tires are flipped in one corner, people drip sweat as they sprint against the clock in the middle of the room and, along the wall, others hurl 20 pound balls into the air, catching them, squatting and repeating the process. “We believe that your body is your gym,” Collinsworth says. “Itʻs about how you use your body and how you move through life.”

Real ResultsCierra Pedro | Vegas Seven

However you choose to move through life, Real Results Fitness awaits those wanting to experience fitness in a holistic way.

“We’re a feeling company,” Collinsworth says. “And those feelings we give people is that you matter, that you are seen, that we believe in you, and that your role on this planet is really important. You need to take care of yourself so you can deliver your purpose and passion to the world, because the world is counting on it.”

Real Results Fitness (North Las Vegas)

6592 N. Decatur Blvd., 702-331-3372, Unit D145,, @realresultslv