Our Best Places to Meet People

We asked the Vegas Seven staff: Where is the best place to meet people in Las Vegas?

Double DownP. Moss

The Double Down Saloon. I’ve met boyfriends there, besties, the guys I play Dungeons & Dragons with … –Lissa Townsend Rodgers, editor at large

Red Rock. Everyone’s in a good mood and willing to chat after spending some time in nature. Also, cute dogs provide social lubrication. –Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

Tinder is so 2016. A great way to meet people, especially possible date-worthy persons, would be by volunteering. You get to meet each other, in your most natural state, while you help others! –Krystal Ramirez, staff photographer

The best place to meet people is at a dog park. If a person cares enough to take their pet on an outing, they’ve got to have some kind of decent-human-being thing going on. There’s a billion talking points, too. The best is when you tell them, “My dog isn’t normally this friendly with strangers.” You’re probably lying, but pet parents love feeling like they’re animal whisperers. –Amber Sampson, web editor

The Chandelier bar at The Cosmopolitan, because great libations make for great connections. Or the Bar at Times Square in New York-New York, because everyone loves the live piano there and belting out their favorite Billy Joel song with strangers. –Sim Salzman, chief financial officer

Any of the local breweries, or beer-centric places such as Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits. Hop heads love talking about beer and, even better, they love sharing it, too. Grab a pint and bond over a shared hobby! –Mark Adams, arts & entertainment editor

Local shows at The Bunkhouse, Velveteen Rabbit, etc. I’ve lived here all my life and love this town dearly, but unfortunately it’s not a place full of culture like L.A. or New York. But places that allow local musicians, poets, DJs and all other sorts of artists to showcase their talents are where connections are made. –Adam Smith, Life Is Beautiful production coordinator