Loss Rebates and a Graveyard Buffet

One of the better bar video poker games in town is at Brooksy’s. Photo: Krystal Ramirez

After a couple years of running the best players club new-member deal in town, the Plaza’s $500 on Us rebate-on-loss offer was discontinued on the first of this year. That’s a bummer, but in this town when one deal ends, another often takes its place. And so it was as new $200 rebate offers showed up a week later at Cannery and Eastside Cannery. I’ll dissect this deal fully for you in an upcoming column, but for now, the key details are you can lose up to $200 and get it back in two free-play offers emailed over a two-week period. And you can do it at both casinos. This is a good one if you aren’t already a member of those players clubs.

My dollar-oyster round-up two weeks ago included eight options, but it should have had 10. Other Mama on Durango Drive serves $1 oysters during its happy hour that runs daily from 5–6 p.m., and the just-opened Rockin’ Crawfish (4031 S. Maryland Pkwy.) serves ’em Mon–Fri from 4–6 p.m. and all day on Tuesdays. As a
bonus, if you go during the next two weeks, you’ll get in on Rockin’s opening special of 20 percent off your entire bill, which drops the oyster tariff to a mere 80 cents apiece.

The first all-night buffet in years has opened at the Palms. The Bistro’s graveyard buffet runs from 10 p.m.–6 a.m. daily for $10.99, or $8.99 if you show a players card. It was instituted as a 24-hour alternative to the casino’s coffee shop, which is closed while undergoing a renovation.

One of Las Vegas’ best hot dogs now costs a little more, as the price of the wieners served from a cart in the Gold Coast race and sports book has gone up 50 percent. Regular dogs are now $2 and chili dogs are $3. You can ease the pain 11 a.m.–9 p.m. on February 11 and 12 when the new Papaya King, located on Harmon Avenue across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel, will sell three dogs for the price of two and tropical drinks for 32 cents (with the tropical drinks deal on February 9 as well). Or just head to South Point, where they sell the same dog as Gold Coast for $1.25.

There’s good news for sports bettors in the release of a new mobile betting app from the Golden Nugget. Those who stood in long lines to bet the Super Bowl last week know one reason it’s a big deal, but also being able to monitor this independent book’s lines remotely is also significant.

One of the better bar video poker games in town is at Brooksy’s on Flamingo Road, where they deal better-than-standard 7/5 Bonus Poker, and from 2–5 p.m. and 4–7 a.m. daily, quad 5-Ks spins the bonus wheel. That pushes the return to above 99 percent. Plus, there’s a players club with $10 monthly free play at the lowest levels and point accumulation. The pizza is tremendous, too!

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and LasVegasAdvisor.com.