Lauren Tansey Keeps It Grungy But Girly

Lauren TanseyAnthony Mair | Vegas Seven

Tansey is wearing an American Apparel bodysuit, Zara high-waisted jeans, Steve Madden booties and an Urban Outfitters fedora.

Lauren Tansey

Age: 25
Hairstylist at Viva Salon
IG: @laurenloveeeeee

Who is your style icon?

Sophia Amoruso. I like how she’s grungy but girly, and pulls together random styles that you wouldn’t think to.

What do you first consider when getting dressed in the morning?

If I really have to wash my hair or not.

Who did you pretend to dress like when you were a little girl?

Baby Spice from the Spice Girls. I was the youngest growing up, so I thought she was the bee’s knees.

Flats, kitten heels, wedges or stilettos?

Kitten heels make me cringe. Wedges.

Has your occupation influenced your style?

If wearing black every day means “influenced,” then sure.

When do you feel the cutest?

Going to concerts or music festivals, when I get to dress up fun.

Where do you shop that you don’t want to admit?

Ross—cheap name-brand shoes.

What have you stolen from your sister’s closet that she doesn’t know about?

I used to steal all her band shirts when I was younger and would deny it every time—she had a custom-made Sex Pistols shirt, and I remember trying to be cool and wearing it for my middle school picture. And then she saw my school picture and I got caught.