Lake Mead. Photo: Krystal Ramirez.

What Will Be the Biggest Story in the Next Seven Years?

Lake Mead drying up and our water bills skyrocketing. Sorry, it’s depressing, but happy things are usually a surprise. You can see the shit coming. —Shannon Miller, editorial assistant

When California votes to become its own nation, our coverage of our sunny neighbor to the west will be award-winning. —Xania Woodman, senior editor, dining, beverage & nightlife

Kanye West builds a casino in the shape of his face that breathes fire (enter eye roll). OR … Ronda Rousey beats the shit out of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. —Nicole Scherer, director of digital sales

All EDM DJs get replaced by the Chuck E. Cheese robots. —Zoneil Maharaj, director of digital content

It will be about the IMPEACHMENT. —Marc Barrington, director of production/distribution

The National Basketball Association awards Las Vegas with a new franchise, giving us three of the “Big Four” professional sports—hockey, football and basketball. Major League Baseball will not be far behind. —Michael Skenandore, president and publisher

Charlie Sheen runs for president. —Adam Smith, Life Is Beautiful production coordinator