Doggie dining at Mingo Kitchen & Lounge

Where Can You Take Fido to Brunch?

Taking one’s pooch to brunch seems an almost expected right, and a rite of passage for many Las Vegans. The problem? Most places that permit pets have done so on the sly, an owner-friendly practice that was often not friendly to others. For example, at one unofficially dog-friendly westside cafe patio, it was all fun and games until the weather warmed and the summer sun made the lack of a simple sanitation regimen rather apparent. Patio dining plus fly-swatting practice! Buy a power washer, people.

Anthony Mair | Vegas Seven

Lazy Dog

Last year’s arrival of Lazy Dog to our area (from California, natch) prompted the Clark County Health District to take notice. Part of Lazy Dog’s marketing appeal is its direct courting of the brunch-with-Buster crowd, so its arrival telegraphed the increasing trend to the Health District, whose rules generally exclude animals (except for service animals, which presents other problems) at food establishments.

The Health District addressed the matter by creating a dog-friendly patio waiver and a subset of rules that address safety and sanitation. According to a Las Vegas Sun story, Lazy Dog, Egg Works, the Egg & I and the Mt. Charleston Lodge were among the first to apply for the waiver. You can also check, which has a long list of dog-friendly patios in Las Vegas, although it does not indicate whether establishments are in compliance with the Health District rules.

Arts District Followup

Speaking of patios, the story of the Arts Factory restaurant and bar (most recently occupied by the Downtown Crown Pub) has taken another twist. Ask A Native recently reported that Urban Lounge, an LGBT-focused bar initially slated for Main Street’s Corner Building, was headed north to the Arts Factory. Now, a banner for Tacos Huevos, the Manhattan Beach taqueria also planned for Main Street’s Corner Building, has appeared at the Arts Factory with the Urban Lounge banner, indicating that the taco shop will run the kitchen.

At the Vegas Seven anniversary party, I chatted with Paul Murad, leasing agent for the Corner Building, who told me that tenant-side construction delays were behind the relocation of both businesses. “I wish them well,” says Murad, adding that the Corner Building now has two units available for bar and lounge operators with solid ideas.

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