Vegan Burgers, Tacos and Indian Eats

Torta Cubana at Pancho’s Vegan Tacos. Photo courtesy of Pancho’s

Folks in Centennial Hills now have a vegan reason to celebrate: There are not one—but two— notable vegan and vegan-friendly options over on the west side. Chef Kenny Chye of Chinatown’s Veggie House fame, who recently opened the Valley’s first-ever entirely plant-based fast food spot/drive-thru, Vege-Way (6410 N. Durango Dr., has opened its second outpost. The all-vegan joint offers cheeseburgers, fish tacos, popcorn chicken and more. There’s even honest-to-goodness milkshakes that leave you questioning just how dairy-free they are. (Trust us, they are.) Because … they get their vegan ice cream across the way from the also newly opened second location of Perfect Scoop (6446 N. Durango Dr.,, which has a pretty healthy selection of vegan ice cream. Centennial Hills, you have arrived.

Craving Indian food? Urban Turban (39000 Paradise Rd., recently revamped its entire plant-based menu, thanks to its new chef, Tarun Kapoor, a master chef from the five-star world. He has created some of the best vegan Indian eats in town, and the restaurant now has 16 (yup, 16!) vegan options. You can’t go wrong with the lentil soup, but get a little creative with your apps and main courses and check out the Pani Puri (a crispy flour-filled pastry with potatoes with mint and herb-spiced water you pour over), the Vegetable Korma (fresh veggies in a coconut milk curry) or the Yellow Tadka Dhal, a stew of yellow lentils and Indian spices. End your indulgence with a dark chocolate samosa. Stay tuned … this is only the start of the vegan scene at Urban Turban.

Taco shops are a dime a dozen in town, sure. But an entirely vegan taco joint? Say hello to Pancho’s Vegan Tacos (4865 S. Pecos Rd.,, the only entirely vegan Mexican restaurant in the Valley. Just how much vegan Mexican exists at Pancho’s? We’re talking street tacos with a choice of meat. Fried rolled potato tacos. Quesadillas. Burritos smothered in melted cheese. Tamales stuffed with jalapenos and cheese or meat. Traditional Mexican soups like fideo. Huaraches. Desserts. Horchata. And so much more. Don’t be fooled—even if the menu says beef, cheese, sour cream, etc., it is all vegan and animal-free.

Diana Edelman aims to make living a vegan lifestyle in Las Vegas accessible to everyone. Check out the latest vegan news (and find out where to eat) on her website,